Article by Dr Jernail S Aanand from India

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


WOLFING by Dr Jernail S Aanand 

I saw a regional film in which two sons kill their father, their mother, and then each other, for the sake of land.

I wished to share this brutal murder with my son, but I didn’t, because I thought it might spur his own imagination. 

This is what we have reduced our life to. Loss of all values, familial love, and affection. We are like a desert in which birds of prey are flying in search of their victims.

It could have been a real story. But we believe in telling the stories in gory details, to shock and to win TRP. After all, we are a generation which loves horror, thrills, sex, violence, and foul language in our films. 

Were these brothers not taught any morals at schools?

Or were the teachers in that school too disturbed by their masters? Not given their due?

We are going to have such ‘aulad’ [sons and daughters] by millions, if we pursue the education that we are giving now. 

Our education has no component of PHILOSOPHY, POETRY, NO ETHICS. 

The world is what its leaders have made it. We have seen two world wars. And now, the Ukrainian war. 

Somewhere, in the education of our leaders, something is missing. 

We have turned away from the teachings of the Masters.

Plato had said:

A leader must have vision. He must understand reality. And he must be a teacher. He believed in the Philosopher King. We have killed philosophy. We have killed poetry. We have killed Morality. We have killed everything for land. Are we the WOLVES who have finally arrived?

W.B. Yeats shocking words come to mind:

“the good lack conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity”.

WE are the BEAST. THE WOLVES Who are born at the end of this Civilization.

We forebode its end.