Til Kumari Sharma: Three poems about Friendship

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Ms. Til Kumari Sharma as Multi Award Winner in writing  from international sector is  from  Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun 7, Parbat, West Nepal. Her parents are  Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal and Mrs Liladevi Bhusal / Bashyal. She  has published many thousands of poems, some essays, and  stories and other literary writings in  Int. Magazines, groups and  anthologies from Russia, America, England, Hong Kong, Greece, Philippines, Hungary,  Brazil,  Chile, Scotland, Indonesia,  Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya,  Nigeria, North Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain,  India, Nepal and many other countries. She is featured-poet  and best-selling co-author too. She is world renowned poet now.

Golden Crown of Friendship:

The friends are shinning jewels.

They are pain killers.

Sharing and caring mingle with them.

True friendship heals our wound.

The ego is lost there.

No competition is there.

The friendship is flower to bloom in earth.

The bias is lost in friendship.

Gender hirarchy is vanished there.

No sense of superiority is born.

Friendship is golden crown of humanity and morality.

So friendship is pond of wise mind.

It is kind heart to achieve love within friendship.

Home of Heart in Friendship:

No material home is need in friendship.

No showy love can furnish our friend relation.

Pure heart makes building of home in friendship.

Friendship is without border.

Friendship is heart of kindness.

It is the sate light of invention.

It is civilized concept to have human theme.

Really friendship is  home of true hearts.

Mingling the kindness and love together;

The eternal friendship is in arm.

The living beauty is  in true friendship.

Really heart is huge settlement of friendship.

Friends beyond Border:

Beyond nation, friendship is spreading.

The light is in humanity of equality.

All humans are equal in earth.

Nation is narrow viewpoint to count friendship.

No discrimination is born in true friendship.

No limitation is made in friends of earth.

We are all humans to bring humanity.

We are united with garland of true friendship.

Honour to my dearest friends.

Alive in my art my dear friends.

Friendship is inspirational source.

The human eternity is our true friendship.

Really true friendship has no any border.

It is infinite in universe.