Resolution against crass violence in films and media

Article by Dr Jernail S Aanand

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The International Academy of Ethics, a think tank of poets, scholars, philosophers and social scientists, which recently celebrated its Foundation Day, has, in a unique initiative, adopted a resolution which appeals to the film makers and the media to eschew brutality and violence which affects the nervous system of the people. The resolution  by the IAE aims at having  a cleaner environment in the movies which promotes social well being. Dr Jernail Singh Anand, Founder President of the Academy, in an article published by The Polisfree Press brings up various issues which relate to violence and makes a strong plea to make films violence free and appeals them to  promote goodness and collective well being of the society at large.


The International Academy of Ethics expresses concern over the increasing incidence of violence, vengeance, and brutal murders in upcoming films particularly on OTT, in the name of entertainment.

The artists have creative freedom, to show what they think proper, but they are accountable to society also.

The visuals cater to base instincts of viewers

No doubt, they succeed in creating wealth, but it is done at the cost of social responsibility.

We appeal to the entertainment industry not to show crass violence. Films can be suggestive which will add to their artistic value.

Money cannot and should not  be the sole motive of entertainment.



Dr Jernail S Aanand

Founder, President of International Academy of Ethics India