Poems by Nigar Nurulla Khalilova

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Nigar Nurulla Khalilova

Multilingual (Azerbaijani- Russian-English) poet, novelist, translator from Azerbaijan, Baku city. Currently in Saudi Arabia connected with her physician’s job. Graduated from Azerbaijan Medical institute named after N.Narimanov.

Holds Ph.D degree from Azerbaijan Medical University

Studied at  literary courses at the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan, led by modern famous poets and writers. Member of Azerbaijan Writers Union (2013)

She has been published in books, online and literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies in Azerbaijan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, USA over the years. Participated in international poetry festivals, conducted data in the capital of  Texas Austin (AIPF ) in 2016-2017. Awarded diplomas and certificates from international literary competitions.


If God doesn’t want it,                                  

Simoom not tears leaf,

Cactus  not blooms,

Butterfly not lives.

Are you God, are you Lord?!

Are you my sentence?

I am lifeless desert,

You’ re my deadly end.

You’ re love, deceptive star,

My mirage, my sleep.

I am the blinded eyes,

Cracked bloodied lips.

Are you God, are you Lord,

Tower over me?!

You’ re the soil with water buried,

I’m the thirsty lily.


In the world of people uncomfortable and cold,

The sun warms the hearts less and less.

And kindness, like a ounce of gold,

Tightly hidden in stone of the face.

Oh, these are bystanders looks!

The lion overtakes the running doe.

The hawk torments with a cruel tremor

The partridge in the grass, just look!

Ostrich sweeps in the feathers of contempt:

-Croaks someone as if below?!

And straining patience crocodile

Sharpens its tooth with green bile.

In the world of people all borders are marked.

So as not to pass on the scent of a stranger.

If the hyena passes unnoticed,

There is no way back to her alive.

There are green pastures on the planet,

Chubby hunger entry is prohibited.

There are no homes for homless people

Even at the cemetery…

Fatty man knows no wealth account.

In the wild savanna instincts howling,

Mother-antilope was killed.

Lioness takes care of a cub,

Hunger in herself drowning.


My beauty, go and meet him,

Stranger touched the threshold.

In the trench the flower withered,

With a bullet plucked he returned.

By ice of his hands you embarrassed,

Fell asleep, passed way was hard,

Washed the shirt with blood,

He returned, hung up it on the heart.

Gone, in your eyes felt,

And quench your chest with love,

Gone the only fate,

Returned at the cost of his life.

Stand up, your time is over,

Where did you put it, your scarf?!

Hair with black scarf cover,

His mother heartbroken comes.

Squeese screams in the lump in the throat,

Knees on the ground lean,

Returned, kiss his eyes hot,

In the pupils war frozen grin.