Lazzat O’tkirova: “Property rights of husband and wife in the family”

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Everywhere we come across different rules and principles. After the foundation of society is formed by the family, it is not without benefit to read and learn about the rights of the husband and wife in the family to mutual property. First of all, family means living under one roof, sharing sorrows and joys, raising children together, maintaining a common livelihood, as well as joint or separate ownership of property. In life, there are many cases of property conflicts arising from family disagreements, disputes caused by various wars and quarrels.


The property acquired by the husband and wife during the marriage, as well as acquired at the expense of their common funds before the registration of the marriage, is considered their joint common property. Of course, if a marriage contract was concluded in the middle and no other conditions were specified in it.

Property acquired by husband and wife during marriage is joint property. These include:

1. Income earned by each of the husband and wife from work, business and intellectual activities;

2. Pensions and allowances;

3. Amounts paid in the form of financial assistance, compensation for damages caused due to loss of working ability;

4. Movable and immovable properties;

5. Equity shares in credit institutions or other commercial organizations;

6. Securities, shares, deposits;

7. Any other assets acquired during marriage.

These properties are the joint property of the husband and wife, regardless of whether they are registered in the name of one of the spouses or who contributed the money.

Now we will try to find answers to the questions directed by the representatives of our community in accordance with the law.

1. If a husband or wife does not work, do they have rights to common property?

Even when a husband or wife is busy with household chores, taking care of children, or has no income due to other good reasons, he or she has rights to common property.

2. How are the common properties related to the farm and peasant farm disposed of? If a husband and wife own a farm and a peasant farm, the rights of ownership, use and disposal of this property are determined by the laws on the farm and peasant farm.

3. Will a husband and wife have property that is not shared by them? Yes, it will be. The things that belonged to them before marriage, as well as things that they received during marriage as a gift, inheritance or on the basis of other free transactions are their property.

And in addition to this, personal items (clothing, shoes, etc.) other than valuables and fine jewelry are the private property of the husband and wife who have used them during the marriage, even if they were taken at the expense of the common funds of the husband and wife is considered.

Lazzat O’tkirova,

Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, Faculty of SFT, Indonesian-English group, 1st year student.