Poems by Miss Anushree Dutta

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

UMA DEY DUTTA, Υπεύθυνη δασκάλα 

Miss Anushree Dutta: Class – 10, School – The little stars senior secondary school, Digboi, State – Assam, from India


The tears that’s hidden in the life’s growing stairs,
And never gets exposed in the material fears
In the fear of attachments and betrayals;
Now gets expelled finding reality in fear.
The fearless heard of mine,
breaks with infinite cracks;
when a person as greatest divine
prove that everything is fake in the world of shines .
The darkness is the only crave of life ,
Not the light that reflects greed ;
when happiness is hidden deep down the archive,
and layered with the fakest smile indeed !
Where is this Joy present?
Where broken heart rejoins;
where is the safeness hidden ?
Which turns the realist mind deluge in smiles?
No where! Because the world have changed,
even the sun shine isn’t able to stop the rain
and where everyone’s happiness is to be earned
how can we expect not to be changed?  

Composed by

Miss Anushree Dutta

Class – 10

School – The little stars senior secondary school, Digboi

State – Assam, from India