Poems by Isaac Cohen from Tel-Aviv Israel

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biographical note 2023
Isaac Cohen is an international poet. His poems were translated                                       
Into many languages. He was participated in many festival of poetry.                                
His work was published in important anthologies, literary periodicals.
He has received several prizes for his works.

Isaac Cohen Summer of Solace

I am rowing my boat
Like a bark of watermelon rind in the sea.
Hot winds from the Sinai desert
Fog my mind.
Give me words of solace from my mother in paradise.
“Behold the day comes, you’ll be again a naughty child
On ‘Beer Sheva’ Beach in Achziv .
Wheels lift you to the top of the pyramid of yesterday.
You will be comforted and return
To your childhood.

28.3.2024 Tel-Aviv
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Isaac Cohen Love (Nose to Nose)

Nose to nose.
Face to face.
Mother of love
Order:”Get united”.
21.3.2024 Tel-Aviv

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Isaac Cohen Love

Our eyes reflects
In the lake.
Our bodies unites
Like cupid unites arrow.
The moon knows
That our sanctified
Souls go to

16.8.2023 Tel-Aviv
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