CRS (Aka Cirrosis) unexpectedly release a new single. It sounds strong and pissed off

The mexican groove death metal band CRS, also known as Cirrosis, presents a new single in spanish “El enemigo  siempre he sido yo”. The pioneer band of the technical brutal genre in Mexico, formed in 1991, release this single along a promo videoclip, just a few months after they announced the addition as official member of the virtuoso bassist Kello Gonzalez (Parazit, Nata).

CRS strengthens their well-known and indisputable sound quality and attention to detail, that easily place them on the international map, but also it evidences that their strength is composition. Quite original, powerful and intense riffs with structures that, although they are melodic and clear, presents syncopated and very technical rhythms, an explosion of sounds that please the ear and at the same time arouse the fury that only good metal makes. There is no abuse of classic resources in the song but they add sounds that aren´t so common these days, like a distorted bass solo by Kello.

“El enemigo siempre he sido yo” shows that to make brutal music it´s not necessary to abuse of blast beats. Sir Oz seems to be angry as hell, his growls are heartbreaking and the message is harsh and direct.

The videoclip was illustrated by Gabo Sandoval who also was behind the cover of this single, an amazing and beautiful art. About his work, Gabo comments: “It´s a pleasure to make a team with creative people, since the first time I listened the track and the power of the song, images arose by itself, I did my own interpretation almost spontaneously, I´m very satisfied with the result”.

The video and animation director was Maldos (Lethal Creation) who also has worked for several Mexican metal bands. The video clip contains elements that make it different, particularly, cameos from band members.

In relation to the new single, SIR OZ, vocalist and founder member of the band tells us: “El enemigo siempre he sido yo” is an important song for us, not only because of its musical proposal that get closer to our first studio album . “Reciclando Desesperación” (1999, Independent; Concrete Records 2014) but because of the lyric. The song talks about of selfish sociopaths who attack with envy, people who create an unrealistic scenario where they assume us, consciously or unconsciously, as their enemies… they are frustrated mythomaniac pigs who behind our backs, discredit, slander and plot us to make us look bad in front of others.”

Francisco “Chucky” Oroz, founder guitarist and producer of the band, comments: “I´m very, very happy with the sound achieved in this song; the addition of Kello’s bass harmonize perfectly with our guitars and drums. Also, it´s the first collaboration in composition with Kello and we cannot be more proud of the result. Tavo shows a very particular precision and strength in this song. We´re more than satisfied.”

In this regard, Kello Gonzalez, bassist of the band states: “I remember the first time I heard the main riff… I was completely hooked and ideas immediately came to me to work on it and put together more pieces of the puzzle. It kind of took me back to my mid-90s metal roots. Everything flowed very naturally, I was very satisfied with the process, as well as with the final result.”

CRS stays so quite about their future plans, it´s not known if this single will be part of a new album or not. There are also no statements regarding live performances.

The video premiered via Metal-Rules and can be found here:

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