Ukrainian art project “Re: Creation” in Thessaloniki: a dialogue of cultures in an era of turbulence

Ukrainian art project “Re: Creation” has fully confirmed its symbolic title.

On May 17, after a long lockdown, its second long-awaited opening took place at the Govedarou Gallery in Thessaloniki. The exhibition presented to the Greek audience a variety of techniques, styles and creative approaches of more than 14 contemporary Ukrainian artists. The exhibition combines painting, including unique original techniques of painting on the glass and wood, pastels, sculptures, ceramics and exclusive jewelry from the famous Ukrainian brand “Fursa Fashion”.

The project is organized by the Cultural Center ArtLine, which represents Ukrainian art to the refined Greek audience not for the first time. The project is held under support of the Consulate of Ukraine in Thessaloniki.

The curator of the project Marianna Abramova set an aim to represent the creative energy and potential of Ukrainian art. The project became a kind of invitation to look behind the scenes of the “creative laboratory” of contemporary Ukrainian artists, to see what inspires, becomes the nourishing resource that pushes to action and new achievements, what kinds and works of the world’s art heritage come into view and how they are interpreted in the paintings of such a different artists.

“The title reflects a play of meanings: on the one hand – recreation as a time for inspiration, on the other hand – revitalization of world’s art images through own art creativity. So the main idea is to show the creative dialogue of arts and cultures seen through the eyes of Ukrainian artists. And the desire to present a wide range of Ukrainian contemporary art, its potential and unique energy is the driving force of this project “, – says Marianna Abramova.

The presentation of the project attracted the attention of the demanding Greek public. The opening ceremony was attended by the General Consul of Ukraine in Thessaloniki Vadym Sabluk. Representatives of diplomatic missions, Greek official and cultural circles, the Ukrainian community in Greece and the country’s business elite had the opportunity to see the works of Ukrainian artists.

“The Ukrainian art project “Re: Creation” was a very successful exhibition and was visited by Greek and Ukrainian art lovers. The comments and the satisfaction one could see in the eyes of the visitors were enough to understand that one more successful event was accomplished at our gallery! The quality and inspiration seen in all the artworks presented at Govedarou Art Gallery is what makes our gallery to be one of the top galleries in Greece. One of our main goals as a gallery is the exchange of ideas and cultures and that is why we promote the presentation of foreign artists in our gallery. The Greek audience gets to know the way artists think and express themselves abroad bringing like that a “taste” of their country and customs. And that was certainly accomplished with the exhibition of the Ukrainian artists that took place at Govedarou Art Gallery in collaboration with the Culture Center Artline (Ukraine) and curator of the project Marianna Abramova! In fact the collaboration was so good that we are looking forward as a gallery to exhibit again in our halls Ukrainian artists! And not to forget our thanks to the Consulate of Ukraine in Thessaloniki for sheltering this exhibition under their wings. We hope to have again under their auspices the wonderful artworks of Ukrainian artists!”, – says the owner of the gallery Natasa Govedarou.

“The sincere interest of the visitors of the exhibition is very inspiring. And I hope that such a lively creative dialogue between our two countries will continue. I sincerely thank all the participants of the project, the Consulate of Ukraine in Thessaloniki, our media partners and the main Greek partner – the Govedarou Art Gallery. I believe that this exhibition, despite the difficult times of total uncertainty, will be a step towards new interesting bilateral projects. We plan to develop intercultural dialogue and expand successful cooperation between Ukraine and Greece “- says the curator of the project Marianna Abramova.

Project participants: Marianna Abramova, Iryna Akimova, Tatiana Cherevan, Alexander Fandikov, Inna Katiyshchenko, Mariia Litichevskaya, Alexandra Musienko, Liliia Postil, Kateryna Pyatakova, Olena Smal, Yaroslav Valiev, Pavlo Vasylchenko, Nabil Wehbe, Alina Khrapchynska, Lilia Zadoyanchuk, Dmytro Zazimko. And also exclusive jewelry from the Ukrainian brand “Fursa Fashion”.

Curator of the project: Marianna Abramova (Ukraine)
Co-curator of the project: Natasha Govedarou (Greece)
The exhibition works till 2 June