Poems by Christos Dikbasanis

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

BIOGRAPHY: CHRISTOS DIKBASANIS is a poet, writer and scholar of religions. He was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he graduated from the Theological School of the Aristotle University. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Theological School with a specialization in Religious Studies. It has also been included in the “Great Encyclopedia of Mondern Greek Literature” of Haris Patsi publications and in the “Who’s Who” of journalists. He has been honored with many national and international awards for his poems.


The Thurium of Rigas Feraios written
up in his dream the fiery column
Redemption and union of peoples and nations
bring the custodians of his words
Words nails on the body
of tyranny and slavery
When I first read it
I was still wearing
of innocence the pajamas
Today my mind is radiant
by the light of dawn
emitting glitter
body of Thorium
So much light between the lyrics!
It brings tears to my eyes
But I don’t wipe them
They are bright stars
abolishing ultimately
the vastness of the night



Two hundred steps away
and the hours expand
of the route the restless passage
The heavy burden of history is gone
Another new one is coming
its unbearable weight
on our shoulders to take off
We will become a secret fire
Lively waves, indestructible
We will grow again
the flowers of our free land
Our passionate voices will go out
the contradictory truth of the aliens
Thirsty crowd will endure everything
We will unfold our lives slowly up           
in the footsteps of our ancestors
Our fiery dance is pyrichios
will move majestically
like the dance of Zalongos
But the fall will take place                 
in the arms of a glorious life
Deep desire for freedom
A journey of vertigo and ecstasy
without stopping, without braking



The prophecies said
that Spring will come again
and the hands would thaw
from the cold of the long winded winter
how the souls of the ancestors
would be warmed up again by the snugness
of sweet freedom
The details of the story
would no longer stop showing midnight
Where are the Ten Commandments
to awaken our respect
for God, our parents and our honor?
The darkness could not extinguish them,neither
the wind, the time, the storm
I light the torches
I observe the face of my comrades in arms
reddened by the desire for uprising
I smile
Freedom can never die