Doudou Sapate: “I describe myself as an artist, who wants to live in a calm world”

Acrylic bull race

At what age did you start painting? I start at the age of 10, but arrived as be today from 19 years old.

Is someone born an artist or do they become one? Firstly art and a vocation, like me, I did not go to art school, I am a self-taught and I only went to master artists, to be born or not art a vocation.

An acrylic fisherman’s net

What word defines you as an artist? As an artist, the artist is an individual doing a work, mastering an art, a technique, and whose creativity, production and actions are noted, among other things.

The Acrylic incarnation

Do you feel “inspired” before you create? For inspiration, for me many times I feel inspired before, but as I listen, I see and think each time art ca little also happened on the field.


How would you describe yourself as an Artist? I describe myself as an artist, who wants development, fulfillment and to live in a calm world, where there is no misunderstanding a world of peace.

The transformation

What are your future plans? I would like to build a gallery for artists and a shop for sales of paintings and artistic materials, you know here in Africa there is so much missing, I talk about things for plastic artists this a little difficult.

The Garden of helena

Bio. Hello, my name and filipe conde (doudou sapate) as an artistic name, I am in Cabinda on 09/22/1982. I start painting at the age of 10 with my uncle, and at the age of 14 I work in some black tip workshop before returning to Cabinda (Angola) we immigrated to Black Point (Congo Brazzaville) following the war and around the year 2000 we went back to cabinda, 2002 I worked in a tecson company as master serigraph (cabinda), 2014 to 2017 I worked in congeral as master painter decorator, 2016 individual exhibition in fabrica de sabao (luanda), 2017 we did a work shop with several artists, 2018 we advertised coca cola on the 2018 russian world cup (luanda), I am among the participant of ensa art 2020 competition this competition for national and international artists and photographers also, I participate in an exhibition which and collective that I have in court it will end on 04/27/2020 and there are also other programs only that following the virus which disturbs several programs its disturbed, this a little ca on,