Poems by Rezauddin Stalin from Bangladesh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

BOOK OF POETRY by Rezauddin Stalin

Imagine the day of justice

The time is quiet and infinite

Nobody can be seen anywhere

The desert-fish flies in the sea of sand

A vast emptiness touching the doomsday

Nature trembles fearing the fog.

Look closely, a poet stands alone

In the north-eastern horizon

You may think he holds his fate in hand

But I swear that God knows

It is his dearest book of poetry.

FREEDOM by Rezauddin Stalin

I read and write in my own language

I learn from the school of trees and plants

Even the ants and birds understand my meaning.

Just as King Solomon understood the essence of grasshopper

As Buddha knew the rewarding of man based on his karma

All animals seek freedom and the religion of venting their opinion.

I am walking after putting my two lips on words

I am swimming on the words all through my life.

Rezauddin Stalin Bengali: very famous poet.Born in 1962 in Nalbhanga village of Greater Jessore district.

The number of planets is more than a hundred. Got it many local and foreign awards including Bangla Academy. His poems have been translated into 42 languages of the world.

Along with poetry he established himself as a successful media personality. His basic thoughts on various issues of the society give us light.

Rezauddin Stalin is now the  international voice of Bengali  poetry.