Poems by Ms. Til Kumari Sharma

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Ms. Til Kumari Sharma as Multi Award Winner in writing  from international sector is  from  Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun 7, Parbat, West Nepal. Her parents are  Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal ( Mayor of Village Assembly in time of Kingdom ) and Mrs Liladevi Bhusal / Bashyal. She is PhD scholar in English Literature from Singhania University Rajasthan,  India. She has published many  thousands of poems, some essays, and stories and other  literary writings in  International Magazines, groups and anthologies from ( amazon.com)  Russia, America,  England, Hong Kong, Greece, Philippines,  Hungary,  Brazil,  Chile, Scotland, Indonesia,  Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya,  Nigeria, North Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain,  India, Nepal and many  other countries. She is featured -poet  and best -selling  co-author too. She is world renowned poet now. She has got gold, silver and excellent award from different international groups of poetry.

Purity of Nature:

Dancing words with my dream

Born from womb of mind

Without partner, words are born to keep my existence.

Real virtue is there.

Isolation is my joy.

Night is bright for me.

Pleasure as in addicted words of my mind.

Flight to lead globe with my ethics of humanity.

Taking this fire in my head and body.

Being as goddess of virtue

Warrior as from earth.

Literary warrior

The queen of knowledge

Not in human palace

But in universe to lead the earth

Taking the nature as my weapon.

Surviving in corner of earth.

Leads sun, moon, stars

Making settlement in sky of universe.

Me as different feminist than community of females.

So l like to live as yellow fire in earth.

Failure of My Love:

Really Love is failure in my luck.

Because I only loved you.

You were making competition of many girls.

There was choice of yours.

Tasting each.

I did not know your such game.

I used to look only your love.

I didn’t know how the playground of love  killed me there.

So I did get zero mark to get your love.

I did love you only without looking face and without touching body.

But you were happy in selection among many.

Your intention was only to make me fall in love .

Not acceptance was your distance.

I knew later you were engaged with other.

I did not know love as exchanging factor.

You did select the other to spend life.

I was very proud  girl to you.

I know I am real proud due to one love.

Alas my one love was died early due to your another selection and touch to other.

So I did not go to compete with many girls in your criminal playground.

When you left me,

I was in grave and rose from grave being strong goddess not to fall again in love.

Love  game is hate to me.

I don’t not know  your face now.

Even your touch was not acceptable by me when you selected another one.

So I forgot you completely.

I would not mourn to your death because you were died earlier to me in game of love.

You did not care and share to me.

Now I am surviving in this spiritual ground of my philosophy to teach world what is true love.

Mine was true love but your love was to many.

Alas  my love was declared as dead before my second birth.

I was in grave later and  death feared to me.

Death as my close and soul mate did not  keep me in ditch.

Wonderful death is my soul mate.

Giving the power to survive with my art.

Really I am surviving with no love.

The art is my crown to eternity.

Wonder is that all my tears are transformed in art of  eternal entity.

Now I am free, alone to survive without love.

It is my pure freedom to fly and lead earth.

Now I am stronger than earthquake, flooding and thunderbolt of earth.

When my tears are starting, the earth is in mourning

Earthquake appears.

Thunderbolt beats other.

Volcano weeps with my tears.

Nature communicates to me.

As I am nature lover.

Flooding dives earth.

I am in wonder of movement of earth in my tears.

Then I take rest with art.

Dearest Father, Hero of My Bone:

Papa I heard there is no one to give true love.

It is real  Papa, I felt in my life.

Without true love, bed of gold and diamond is nothing for me.

Your kingdom was ruined by king’s brother and queen’ s sister.

Alas king queen’s heredity finished that all were killed.

Palace is empty now.

To captivate the power, both brother and sister killed same blood at dark night.

As your kingdom, my brothers and their wives never supported me.

Your other daughters have ego to my dream.

I saw the tricky family in my living root too.

Ego of theirs harmed me a lot.

Disrespected my life enough.

Love was failure.

No hero is existed to favour me  Papa.

But I am in your heart of heaven and I am strong enough to kill ego of them.

True love was nowhere.

So did not marry.

Do not feel agony in heaven.

My artistic  fame in world gives me power to survive.

Alone I am here to doubt the family members too.

They supported to those gang which disrespected me.

So I have to hide my witting along  to breath.

So left home and lived the life as  of refugee.

So father I am in the world of treachery now.

Bless me to be highest in earth

No separation in your love  Papa.

No hero is existed yet to secure my dreams.

So egoists people are here from home to outside.

So I did not accept any man in love.

That I did not see  any man with high aim and true love to me.

You were hero of my bone to secure and to be proud father.

Feel proud to daughter that I would be never in wrong direction.

Feel proud in my legacy not to do wrong forever.

I love you Papa.

My security  doctor as  hero of my life.

© Til Kumari Sharma

Paiyun 7- Hile

Parbat, Nepal

Now in Capital City

Kathmandu, Kirtipur

Sept.15/ 16-2023