Poems by Tasneem Hossain

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Whispering Hearts

In the early morning shade,
In silence my heart bled.

Did you feel my agony?
Or was it your own distress,
That reached and touched my essence?

Distances in matter and mass remain,
But loving hearts can feel the pain;
Silence is never in vain,
Hearts heal, lessens torments.

Friendships and trust need not be told;
Reaching out of souls is beautiful to behold.

Journey of life

Crystal pearly watery waves
In a never-ending gentle caress,
Take my body in the dark abyss and bliss.
I drift like a straw in airy space,
Speck of dust on the sands of life’s deserted path;
Drifting driftwood tumbling in sea waves,
Lazing on the windswept beaches where oceans reign.

Today or tomorrow we will die,
This world to another we will survive.
What lies is only the mortal remain,
Swiftly flies the soul to the sky’s haven.

Life’s journey never does cease.
Smile and live in eternal peace.