Poems by Kalipada Ghosh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


The celestial Void so miraculous
Cosmic love and beauty
Engages our senses
Morphine  drops of love so passionate
oozing  into irresistible illumination
Serenity in love and light
Ecstasy and heavenly joy
The Galaxy
The twinkling stars bathed in the milky river
The rainbow love in the Setting Sun
reflected on the  mighty ocean surges
A rare celestial beauty.
The moon beams flooding the cosmos and  earth
A rare Cosmic magical touch
So signifying
So enthralling
The moon-lit night.
Not the intoxicated love
But irresistible magic of magic.
Perfumed love and light
Life full of ecstatic joy
Man and woman
A bond of ethereal love
Eternal beauty multiplied .
Poor and puny mortal  am I
Mortality and mutability
With heart and soul divine
Soul and eternity
Spiritual fragrance of love
The essence of love
Mingling into the soul.
A delicacy
Timeless love
Incandescent light

Divine sparks from the ETERNITY and INFINITY.
Copyrights reserved @ Kalipada Ghosh,WB, India.


Kalipada Ghosh M.A (English), M.A.(Bengali), M.Phil (1st Class),B.Ed. ( Retd. Headmaster), a bi-lingual poet, International Critic, essayist translator humanist, orator and educationist has authored 9 (nine) Books of Poems in English and Bengali including one in the press, THE WAVES OF HEART. The main theme of his Poetry is based on  Nature, Man, love, world peace anti-war,humanity and social issues. His poetry is metaphysical, philosophical, romantic as well as realistic. He is the advocate of human rights , humanity and Woman Empowerment. He is also a surrealist poet.

He has written poems in national and international Anthologies of repute.. He is awarded with  many  national and international awards like ORDER OF  SHAKESPEARE MEDAL, KAIRAT DUISSENOV MEDAL for Poetic Excellence from Motivational Strips, World Icon of Literature, Guardian Of World Literature Award Noble Peace Personality Award  Certificate of Honor awarded by Motivational Strips with Gujrat Sahitya Academy on the occasion of 75 th  Independence of India. Anniversary Michael Madhusudan Award, Bibhutibhusan Memorial Award Muse-2020 Award, Heritage Head Of The HaVen International and many International Awards.
He has been awarded the the Certificate of  the World Directory of Literature, History, Art & Culture for his recognised merits in the literary and Cultural fields and many other international Platforms and Poetry Group. He has been awarded  Distincion International Medalla  Patrimonio De La Humanidad by  La Institucion Cultural Casa Poetics Magia y Plumas A. and a warded with Certificate of Honor by Revista Poetica y Artes for poetic excellence.He is associated with Ruku L Jubavi &Prijateljstva and La Alfombra De La  Cultura and Poetry and Literature World Vision Group.

His poetry is translated into Hindi, Russian  Swedish,Bosnian Croatian Italian Spanish Albanian, French Kyrgyzse, Swedish and many other dozen international languages. He is on the administration and acting as creative critical reviewer, Jury, Admin, Moderator and coordinator
in different International Literary Groups. His poems have been globally recognized and published in the esteemed national and international anthologies and literary magazines and journals like BHARATH VISION, AZAHAR REVISTA POETICA,  SIPAY INTERNATIONAL LITERARY JOURNAL, Seychelles, Buzz Magazine , Silk Road Anthology, Cairo, Egypt and many others  in home and abroad. His poetry is being recited in many  international TV Channels for programs, recitations and through many live videos and interviews. He delivers speeches on Poetry and literature in home and abroad. He has participated  and delivered lectures on poetry and literature in many international Poetry festival in the Kalipada Ghosh is a  contemporary cosmic, Spiritual  and metaphysical  poet and a poet of Man and  Humanity and social issues. His literary Criticism has been acclaimed and admired across the globe and he delivers lectures on poetry , literature and education.
His Criticism on poet Ruki Kočan  is admired all over the globe.
He has been selected as the Contemporary featured poet by the POETRY AND LITERATURE WORLD VISION.