Yordanka Getsova: “I first believed in the power of words to map out the future and to create universes when the words on the paper started becoming reality”

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Μετάφραση: Rozalia Alexandrova

Yordanka Getsova is a landscape architect who was born in Veliko Tarnovo. She currently works as a teacher in a vocational secondary education school. She is a member of the Society of Writers in Plovdiv. Yordanka has already written three books. Yordanka’s poetry was published in distinguished periodical press and lyric almanacs. Her poems have been translated in Polish and English. She is a prizewinner of poetry competitions in Bulgaria.

Please share your thoughts about the   future of literature. When u start writing? People make their steps in the new millennium more and more confidently, choosing and pursuing challenges – turning upside down notions, substituting values, redirecting aspirations. In this complicated reality, they often feel lonely and confused. Art, as a way of self-expression, on the one hand, and an attempt for meeting and getting to know others, on the other, appears to be a life-belt, thanks to which the spirit survives. Literature in particular has the privilege and the responsibility to provide navigation during the journey deep inside oneself, into the unexplored worlds of Infinity. Fascinated with the magic of words, since a little girl, I have invented stories and drawn my future. When exactly this passion has turned into true literature, I can’t define for sure. I first believed in the power of words to map out the future and to create universes when the words on the paper started becoming reality.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning nowadays? A friend once said to me, “I tried to do a good deed today. I rescued a pigeon from the predatory claws of a cat. I saved the bird, but the poor cat went hungry.” The Good and the Bad, no matter how large-scale we try to perceive these two philosophical categories, there will always be a starting point, to they refer. Even if we rise above the egoistic self, measure will apply to humanity, planet earth, perhaps the solar system or the galaxy… For now, we are anchored on a beautiful planet, probably on a mission to preserve the good as we understand it relative to the degree development. And today, because of the rapidly changing reality, it is easy to get confused. Just think: scientific achievements and technology are constantly changing not only the world we live in but also our ideas about it. What yesterday was obviously good and progressive, today turns out to be a threat to the ecological balance, for example. And yet, the Creator has gifted us with the most reliable guide: hidden in our chest, on the left, it is constantly sending signals in its Morse code. It is only necessary to listen more often to the rhythm and learn to understand its language.

Who wins, right? – Even if it’s hard to believe sometimes, in all cases the good wins. Yes, evil enjoys the freedom to use any dishonest means, but good has the most powerful weapons and are truth and love. This world was not only created with love but because of it. The very fact that it still exists is proof that good always prevails.

How many books have you written And where can we find your books I am the author of three poetry books: “Symbiosis”, “3X10 pearls from the Hourglass” and “Life without substitutes”, the last of which is still awaiting its official presentation to readers. A large part of the works can be found on electronic platforms for personal. The first collection of poems exists in an electronic version on the website of Bukvite’s publishing house.

The book. E-book or Hardcover book What will be the future? No matter how much humanity technologically, gradually moving away from its essential nature to be happy and experience pleasure, it will never completely give up the joy of unfolding the gently rustling pages of a paper book as it guides its journey through unknown exciting worlds. Yes, the possibilities of storing a huge amount of information in miniature devices in the pocket we will take advantage of the speed of work of increasingly powerful computers… Perhaps the book as we still know it and use it today will become a luxurious intellectual pleasure. In short, the future has prepared for us libraries full of electronically systematized scientific information, e-books for reading on the subway, similar to “fast food”, but also luxury hardcover paper editions for connoisseurs. I would prefer the latter.

A wish for 2022… A phrase from your book And the darkness suddenly grew tight of sunrises grown in the heart: what is sown gives seed!