Poems by Rezauddin Stalin

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The Strange Departure by Rezauddin Stalin

These are all strange departures
That made us think – give us pain
Some days I will be memory
Observing that our trees will be sad

There will be condolence in the eyes of pet animals
How many elegies verses
Will be permanent inside the picture

Those who become stars after death
And those who before death
The sun took the liability of judging both

One day there is only light on the earth
The other day there is nothing but dark
Some are Birbahu
They know very well how to die
Than how to live

A long path is far away
Destination becomes obscure

Translated by Ashraf Chowdhury

The color of love by Rezauddin Stalin

When eyes meet eyes
Your Cheeks turn reddish in shyness

When I hold your nervous hands
Horizon of glances turn into vermilion
Sunrise appears red
So is sunset.

The roaring flames of furnace
Lava from a mountain

Fire of separation
All are companions of red
And in the battlefield

salutation of Warriors’ is red
Also bloods of revolutionaries.

I go blind
Before I understand
Whether sign of love is red.

Translated by Abdullah Zahid