Poems by Niloy Rafiq

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Name : Niloy Rafiq
Father : Mohammad Hossain
Mother : Noorjahan
Birth Place : Kalarmarchara, Moheshkhali,
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Date of Birth : 6th August, 1983

The Number of published poetry (Number-7):
1. Bishoddha Bishadey Bhashi Aami Raajhnash (I am the swan floating in the pure air)-2014
2. Pipasar Paramayu (Eternity of thirst)-2016
3. Nona Manusher Mukh (Salty human face)-2017
4. Aggato Agun (Unknown fire)-2019
5. Ankhi Anka Aadinath (Aadinath in eyes)-2021
6. Momer Prarthonay Noto Matir Shorir (Earthen body bended, worshipping candel)-2023
7. Sun Leaf (Rud Pata)-2023

PolymorphicNiloy Rafiq

Playing inside the invisible shadow in the mirror of belief
Deceitful cage-stand in the folds of beckoned verses.
Turned the evening into night
Pain all over the body drew poetic sign unbuttoning the shirt.
In presence of accountability though, miles after miles nowhere is
Adinath, your tiny sorrows that grew up in your golden village
In waves both sides, O friend, you are the greatest,
Will laugh in fire of discord, if wanted to know,
I will desperately utter the river is polymorphic ever.

*Adinath- Hindu God Shiva, who is worshipped as Adinath, a Temple on Maheshkhali Island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Translated by Shahidul Shannon

FishermenNiloy Rafiq

Sailing canoe
Crazy naked river-water
Fishermen catch fishes with life
Time is alive on fighting.

Strange sunshine
In the village of green crops
Fishermen on the embankment at moonlit night
Sleeps with chest open.

Water on full swing
In the mid-my house,
Children are in huge festival
Enjoy free swimming.

In the distant Kashban white flock,
On the banks of the river to the tune of the flute
Who called repeatedly?

No place, no address
At the bottom of the soil
My nest, my friend
In the blue of the deep sea.

Translated by Kushal Bhowmick

The Shed of RemembranceNiloy Rafiq

On the bank Of Padma,
Pinak is untraced in the river by the stormy wind.
Distressed people are in abyssal flow.
Will fly on the blue sky.

Gloomy light comes out
In the dreamland where is lamentations.
How much grief, where do I keep it!
You Wretch, if you buy this!

Burning desire by fate
Where sparkle searching greenhouse.
Dreamy dew is in green forest
Cricket is in the shed of remembrance.

Translated by Aklima Ankhi