Poems by Nasser Alshaikhahmed

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Short bio: NASSER ALSHAIKHAHMED is a SAUDI ARABIAN bilingual poet who writes poetry in Arabic and English
Went to school at Sonoma State University in California, USA.
Although his field of study is far away from literature but his soul is immersed in poetry and writing.
He is a member of:
All Poetry.com
Soul Asylum Poetry Radio
IPF- Anthology Publishing.
Poets Without Borders
Voracious Polyglots
His poetry has been published and will be published in Poetry Anthologies and different literal magazines.

1-Poetry Anthologies
1.1-Voracious Polyglots,
1.2-The Quilled ink and
1.3-Wheel song Poetry

2-Poetry Magazines

He has translated from English to Arabic several poetries work for poets from USA, Japan and Australia and
published his translation in local journals
He has published one poetry book in Arabic( العرافةara’fa) in 2013 by ( Arabian house for science and publishing).

Poems names: 1-In the corner of your eyes 2-She reflects on the morning 3-Secert promise
Author: Nasser Alshaikhahmed
Country: Saudi Aarabia

I am in the corner of your eyes

I cannot put my feet down on the ground
Fearing they would disturb your shadow
Are you in there? I feel you right here in my arm.
You’re running fast, l’ll catch your breaths for you.

When I was a child, I was dreaming of you
to see you arriving, to see you dancing
here I come, I am your symphony
making the rocks moving in harmony.

There is no pain on the horizon
you keep shifting me; you keep me in the shell
you’re coming through the wind to give me a

I can hear the drums playing
there is no harm you’re receiving
while the music making me swaying
I have gotten sick, your love has got me
you flanged your arrow of passions; you flanged your dice.

Then cast your spell on the mountains
but I pretended to be as cold as ice
nothing to lose, playing by the rules.

Just a little pin prick made me realize
you’re holding on to me
I am in the corner of your eyes.

She reflects on the morning

She is like the morning, as beautiful as fresh,
She brushes her hair as the sun brushes its rays over in heaven
wearing her adornment like clouds carrying the drops lets
And sprinkles the beauty like the early morning mighty mists.

The breaths of the flowers refresh the air.
And the sound of her anklet builds up birds’ songs
like tweets of the seagulls filling the sky
And breaking the silence with utters.

She spreads her fragrance on the surroundings
like fragrant pouring down from the rain,
To fill the meadows and to fill the alleys.

Oh, how she draws smiles,
On the faces of the small girls, on the trees, on the leaves,
And on the lips of elderly Mamas.

The springs and the summer breezes are like her
When she adores the blossoms’ affection,
This is how the morning reflects her
And how she reflects the morning.

Secret Promise

‎‏on the surface of the river water
I can see your image reflection in the Lilies
‎‏Like threads of light, you appear
‎‏Like passion’s serum throbbing in my veins,
‎‏And mesmerizing me with love.

Can you hear my whimper piercing during the night?
I feel you in my heart and in my soul
I feel you in my breaths when I am on my retreats.

Seagulls and migratory birds carry my nostalgic messages
and spread it between their flocks,
Perhaps you may hear the call.

‎‏You come from the clouds from the rain
‎‏Anthem of fields and trees
‎‏And the spring drenched in flowers
The music that plays the melody of love
‎‏The horizon rejoicing the brown sands of the beach,
You come like a summer breeze.

‎‏The path of longing for you is ornamented
And illuminated with azure lanterns,
GOD has perfected crafted you for me.
Two hearts tied up in dreams
I will walk the distance singing
My yearning tones for you.

Your shadow catches the fugue and embraces the moment
haunts me in the surrounding, in every woman’s face
I see you as a fragrance,
Flowing between the mystified blends of condensations
or like dreams slipping from the morning star
And settling as a mist on my window.

‎‏I stumble between ecstasy
‎‏and prudence calling your name
‎‏The silence echoes my sighs
As times run through my hands,
‎‏In the stillness, I surrender my heart
And swear we will never part
And the sweet intoxication of love is our secret promise.