David Haotian Dai: Manifesto of Inspirational Realism of Arts and Literature

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

David Haotian Dai, born in China and live in USA, is a well known bilingual poet and philosopher. His philosophical poetry book “The Cry of Wisdom” was published by Amazon. His poems were set to music to sing and translated and published in Spanish, Uzbek, Bengali, Arabic, French, Russian and Serbian. His poems also won prestigious literature prizes such as Merit Award in International poetry contest, Literature Award by Italian Institute of Culture in Nepalis.


Arts and literature function as crucial media of ideology to shape people mindset and behavior matured  from Realism movement as mirror to reflect the reality of societies in 18th century and marched forward to be Critical Realism until 20th century as micro scope to scrutinize and reveal the darkness of human societies. Unfortunately, this social functional arts and literary progress had been terminated by the various modern movements and schools of arts and literature   which castrated the social functioning of “Arts for Life’s Sake” and replaced it with “Arts for Arts Sake”theory. Consequently, the social functions of Arts and Literature to better human life and societies completely lost.

The Birth of Inspirational Realism

With a view of resuming the  social path of Realism to Critical Realism and now to “Inspirational Realism” as telescope to see and reflect the bright future of human society. Well Known Philosophical Poet- David Haotian Dai has originated this arts and literary movement, who regards Arts and Literature as “Weapons of Mass Construction” to illuminate people’s mind and touch people’s hearts to embrace peace, love and dreams to make a brighter human world as the current world is a semi-bright,semi-dark world with discrimination, social injustice, corruption, crimes, violence, and war.

The Philosophy of Inspirational Realism

He believes that the function of Arts and Literature are more than entertainment, they can inspire people and better the world.
Inspirational art works are so powerful that can link people of different race together to realize the same dream—to make the world a better place to live, for inspirational art works are “Weapons of Mass Construction” to inspire people for peace, love and dreams. We all expect the world to be filled with peace, love and dream, not hate, violence, crimes and war.But unfortunately, the semi-dark world is troubled with these terrible problems that bring tremendous misfortune and suffering to peoples in the world.

As all these evil actions are originated from people’s minds and hearts, To enlighten people’s minds and change people’s hearts are the keys to resolve these human disasters,—to change hateful and violent ideology into peaceful and love ideology and to curb the greed and selfishness of human heart are the ultimate solution to all human sufferings and sorrows.

Call for Participation in this changing world Ideology Movement

I sincerely call for your participation in this changing world arts and literature movement. It is a new literary movement to regain social value of arts and Literature! This is the time that science and technology are so advanced that they can be used to make “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to self destruct mankind, but human ideology still in the semi-dark age. I will organize a “Inspirational Realism of Arts and Literature Union“ Artists and Writers/Poets who applaud the Manifesto are welcome to join in the Union to make the world a bright place to live with the power of Arts and Literature!

Drafted by David Haotian Dai- Well-Known Philosophical Poet Originator of Inspirational Realism of Arts and Literature

My Philosophy of Poetry

Poetry has the softness
To calm a broken heart
To heal an injured soul
And cut a sharp sword
-David H.Dai

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