Poems by Kumarkhanova Ainur from Kazakhstan

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

O Mother Earth, I owe you a debt
Shining sun, storms and rain!
From all that lives by human grace.
My love, please accept it!

The beast and the souls are born of you,
And without you we wouldn’t be people!
I will decorate you with flowers in the spring,
My love, please accept it!

Seas with lakes and a gentle river,
Everything that is around us today,
You gave the moon to lovers,
Accept my declaration of love!

You’re offended, I know in reality.
Our fault is that we live rudely.
O Mother Earth, while I’m still alive,
My duty is to protect you from rudeness.

Oh my mother
My breath and my
We live with you
I have feelings for you
Oh my mother
When you are
I love the whole world.
You are my protection
It seems to me
several years ..
I’ll turn to you
one time,
I apologize for
I beg you.
You will not allow me
to die
from thirst
Understand me
when i’m wrong ..
Oh my mother
my god
When you are
beautiful world.
You are my savior
You are not human

Let the rain be the rain of happiness

Let it rain let it rain
So that the whole planet prospers
Wash away the sins in the rain of happiness
The world is comfortable.

Let it rain let it rain
As if the birds sing with joy
In the pure gentle air
People sing too.

Let it rain let it rain
Flowers bloomed in the apple orchard
Flashes of light and lightning flash
The solar eclipse will also begin a little later.

Dreams are not elusive but can come true
Stay awake in your mind
From earthly beauty
Magnificence is created by people.


Kumarkhanova Ainur Serikovna was born on March 10, 1983 in the village
Semiyar of Beskaragai district of Semipalatinsk region. World Poet and translator. Depending on the age
She wrote poetry for 11-12 years. In the period from 2005 to 2011.
Collections of poems “Noble Dream”, “My swallows”, “Pyramid” have been published.
Winner of the Golden Feather Award in
Azerbaijan and Russia. Member of the London Creative Guild “Open Europe”.
In Spain, she was awarded the “Poet of the World” certificate