Poems by James Tian

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Alone In The Rain By James Tian

Within many silent stories,
Like a screen full of glass,
It can hold countless cloudy,
And a sunny flush.

Alone in the rain,
Time is wetting all eyes,
Make the mood as pure as a girl,
To get the whole wider trust.

Under the sky,
A strange world,
How much comfort has diminished the divinity,
How much spirit has lost in original palms ?

Every drop of genie,
Not like a chaotic mood with cold ice,
Longer path is stared in my side,
Won’t be surprised by troubles again,
In deep of heart,
The melancholy is like the rain is sentimental,
Everything isn’t so far !

I don’t know if I can use “metaphor” and “symbol” to write in the era when people are lazy to think. In the era of excess greed, misunderstandings will fly all over the sky ! But I use it anyway because it’s neat. Turn hatred into light feathers, and the meaning behind it will be very powerful.

The Moment When Sheep Could Be Disguised By James Tian

Sheep are kind,
Wolves are cold-blooded.
This is the power of symbols,
Which can make the image more vivid.

Sheep are God’s favorite,
And wolves are the embodiment of enemies.
Being vigilant against wolves is a respect for life,
And hugging sheep is an affirmation of gentleness.

Someone says that the story of “Wolf is Coming” ,
Is a truly terrifying page.
But now,
Reality is advancing in even more bizarre ways !

When the wolves begin to wear sheep’s clothing,
And imitate the behavior of sheep.
It’s just begun of this world,
The real horror and cruelty!