Poems by Francesco Favetta

The poet Francesco Favetta was born in Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, food for the soul: culture is Freedom, it is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Movement, not it should never be harnessed!
In 2018 he was awarded by the Accademia di Sicilia, Academician of Sicily.
He has been published in various anthologies and in various magazines, among which, we mention a few:
international magazine The Poet;
Revista Azahar who edited the first Sylloge of Poems in Spanish: Encantamiento y Palabras como Plumas;
Anthology The Silk Road Anthology: Nano Poems for Africa; “Poetic Galaxy Atunis”;
WorldSmith International Editorial; OPA The Poetry Journal; Inumbrable magazine; Magazine Polis; rank of minister in the Order of the Titan and publication of a lyric in Octobermania;
international literary magazine Kavya Kishor in Bangladesh;
international journal of language, literature and culture “Petrushka Nastamba” Serbia; international magazine, Namaste India and Certificate of Appreciation;
Different Truths social journalism platform;
Cisne Magazine Digital;
Humanity St. Petersburg magazine; fourth Panorama International Literature Festival Spain, delegate for Italy.
He founded a theater company in Sciacca: “Theatrum Socialis Sciacca”, and a Lions Club, the “Sciacca Terme”.
Finally, the poet Francesco Favetta is convinced that poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will make their lives free, and furthermore beauty will always be a truth that will never be buried:
from the times and events of daily human life! Francesco Favetta Sicily (Sciacca) Italy

In the heart the silence of age

Two hearts
on a bench
next to them
the noises
of a city on the move
but their eyes
they were captivated
from the surrounding beauties.
Around their lives
the caresses of the wind
in the heart the silence of age
close to the memories of life
many sighs inside dreams
hand in hand
love was
the mirror of time.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta

Love is the song of life

The love
enough for love
even when the heart
always be patient
in silence
and every breath
silent in the flesh
then it explodes
in thoughts
and inside the mind.
Love is
the smell of bread on the earth
good wine in the blood
in pain and in life
or injured
love fights
and sing without a voice.
Love is
the face of beauty
it is a wind that sweeps
fears in an instant
hugs you
and it stuns you
with its poison
and leaves you behind
its newborn perfume
the spring of her face.

The eternal spouse of life

I have to go
it is no longer possible
within these walls
what freedom
he is in jail
and every breath
to the windows of deception.
Time again
the eternal spouse of life
that scans
and the song of hope
in inner silence
like a sleepless cross
stripped of evil
scatters his seed in the world.

Roses disclosed the women

In those beautiful eyes
lived the beautiful emotions
and the song of men
any special party
the desires of life
the words of joy
happy days too.
The women sing
chained to the roots
in the bosom they are sleepless
but roses opened in the sky
who laugh at heart
they are wives and mothers
who love life.

My islands different lands!

And yet
in this sea of mine
they never shipwreck
truths and dreams
because they are sands
that remain in the heart
and they are also anchors
like this love
that doesn’t die
My islands
they are different lands
on my skin
and then beyond the horizon
of my age
they keep quiet
the noises of time
in the endless streets
of my thirst for life
without constraints and fears.

Life stays here!

Touch me life
I’m here waiting for you
I don’t want about you
that your smiles
your sudden caresses
about sweet memories
your every rare voice
that silent song in the heart
the red kiss on the skin.
Kidnap me life
in the silences of time
even when hope
away from the shores
of existence
it does not arise in this universe
but sail alone
beyond the invisible horizon
in the eyes of the world.

This sea never tamed!

In this stormy sea
the eyes are never blind
even when the waves
they are so tall and furious
so that the wind does not laugh
and reality changes rapidly
every human garment worn.
In destinations beyond history
fierce criticism finds its place
between my skin and the future
small remnants of a new world
heavy steps in the mud of life
footprints remain with traces
on the invisible path of madness.
Different distances are the footprints
like flags in the desert
on full moon nights in August
hot days after the runs
together with the sky and the rain
the stars escape in the dark
in this untamed sea.

Love is: the road!

Love is,
the face of life, it lives:
in our inner world!
It is a path, a journey along the road of Light, which inevitably leads to the gates of Peace:
in the regions of inner silence where everything is pure feeling!

Where is the Peace

I have no more time
for closed windows
for the vessels full of poisons
for dry people
I have no more time
for the next stop
I go down first
where the dawn rises
at East.
the innocent dress
and the song of the heart
life and beauty
and that desired world
in the corners of light
where the danger does not exist
and Peace is
the seed of the earth.

We are the truth!

In the wind
who doesn’t give up
to the voices of courage
to fearless life
to every song born of blood
this my words intone
the anger of the people
and of the peoples.
We are waves
in the sea of life
we are ever-alive consciousnesses
we are the truths and the causes
we are the reasons
realities in human affairs
the dress without shadows
the path to freedom
every free breath in the world

Love wants love!

The love
he wants love
even when the heart
in the streets of the world
fights for life
and reality
it is not benign
in this storm
raging on the chest
of women’s beauty
from horrors
from human violence
from the death of the innocent.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta