Poems by Dr. Hillol Ray from Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Hillol Ray, D.Litt., Ph.D. (Doctor of Humanity), D.Phil. (Theology), Ph.D. (Honoris Causa), D.Phil. (Nigeria), D.Litt. (Morocco), Poet Laureate, Author, Translator, is an Environmental Engineer with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Dallas, Texas. He is listed in Who’s Who in Asian-Americans, Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and Who’s Who in the World.    His books “Wings of Time”, “Metamorphic Portrait” (Amazon. Com) -recently released.

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Sorrows of Mother Earth and Mine by Hillol Ray

The muffled night in the Cape of Good Hope, Africa,
Rewarded me with a nifty dream within my dreams-
I was too startled to view the sorrows of Mother Earth,
And my forsaken heart was horrified to begin screams!
The waling of griefs has plagued me since I was born,
But the tonight’s dream taught me to closely compare-
The bereavement with sorrows faced by Mother Earth,
Are by far no less than anyone else can probably stare!

Mother Earth gave me birth with a mirth in October,
But her struggles are so much more than of my own-
Years and years of smoke-plumes and blood-drenched soil vapors,
Have choked her breaths and are now evidenced or neatly shown!
Moans of polluted seas have caused her to be legally deaf,
And the hills are gradually eroding with melting of snow-
While the global warming, molten lava and hot ashes from craters
Are scorching her natural tender skins for ages that we all know!

Inexhaustible sorrows of Mother Earth with unquestionable pains,
And her silent prayers with tears are still falling on the dumb skies-
Cause she is the “container of world-griefs” from the dusts of all broken hearts,
Caused and created by her children, the man and woman, in front of her eyes!
Over the millenniums, her best salient ambitions have slowly stepped away,
And her battles of resistance to defeat causes are now almost on the wane-
So my convoluted heart feels like a “child-stripped mother”,
Of unremitting love and openly asks:  why or as if when?!!

“Milestone” February 26, 2024

© Copyright February 26,2024 by Hillol Ray

Many A Time by Hillol Ray

As I recall the moment we first met, I asked:
Can I read a promise in your cute amber eyes-
You said: “Yes”, in a shivering silhouette voice,
Through the gratings of your vanity and lies!
Sunset faded across the forlorn sandy Jamaican beach,
But our intimate thoughts to collaborate swiftly rose-
And I tried to chase off the flies from your silhouette face,
While you resolved the curls of hair under your nose!

Indelicate ragbags of our destinies were prodding us,
But we knew well over time they will be sorted out-
So I sang music of love, but you sang blatant lies,
And we made choices a matching game of shout!
Bumpy roads ahead of us may be round or straight,
But for you darling I will move with bits of verse-
And remember the eloquent promise my dear,
I am not a Roman Chariot, but a genuine hearse!

Like a love song through us many a time,
We can confess that loveliness has swept our soul-
As I noticed you were echoing in a silver rhyme,
And I spoke truth via my twisted lip in rock-n-roll!
With prancing in a ballroom, or dancing among dandelions,
A recollection of our memories I merrily found-
Your hair was hissing, and steps were missing,
But we startled in the vaulted hall’s discotheque sound!!

“Milestone” February 27, 2024

© Copyright February 7,2024 by Hillol Ray

Spring Morning in Kathmandu, Nepal by Hillol Ray

Clean and fresh air in and around the State parks
Always drags me to sprint under the Spring sky-
Of Kathmandu where the glittering grasses, so green,
Covered with mystic dews love to yawn and sigh!
The apple trees, dappled by rickety moon,
Enchant my heart at early dawn and dusk-
While the Covid-19 pandemic does not deter,
And thwarts me off not to don on ugly musk!

I sprint around the rose gardens of arboretum,
In Kathmandu and pluck a pear from the tree-
And quench my thirst of a lark and hunger,
By gnawing on it quickly to set me free!
The tolling bells from the nearby Buddha temple
Ushers in the arrival of human glory and peace-
In our daily life, loaded with silent strife,
And I rush there for prayers not to miss!

The highways and by-ways leading to town,
Greet the frantic travellers with smiling face-
And the passionate visitors of the Spring morning
In Kathmandu sip nature’s beauty of nothing less!
Sodded grass along the freeways feels sleepy,
And too soft as the breast feathers of a dove-
But the fallen leaves from the crape myrtle
Curl up and shrink to rot slowly in love!!

“Milestone” February 22,2024

© February 22,2024 by Hillol Ray