Ángela Landete: “I hope my third novel, Dentro de ti, is as well received as my first, Haidi’s Journey”

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Ángela Landete was born in Barcelona in 1971 and has a degree in English Philology. As a writer, she explores human psychology. In El viaje de Haidi, a romantic drama, she deals with overcoming the state of feeling ill. In La niña más Bonita de Alella, a social critique, she explores the fears of adolescents. In his poetry book Rimas y romances he shows his love for nature and his confidence in humanity. She is a member of the Comarruga Literaria association and the international cultural collective Mosaics and Letters. She has participated in several anthologies and literary magazines.

Please share your thoughts on the future of literature. When did you start writing?

I started about five years ago. Due to health issues I was forced to stop working and, finding myself with so much free time and being a lover of literature, I decided to write my first novel.

The good and the bad of writing: Who is winning nowadays?

I think the good is winning, because, thanks to writing, we can give free rein to our feelings, to emotions that perhaps would not be expressed in any other way. From my point of view, the bad thing is that we put so much enthusiasm into writing, so much that this creation becomes our little baby, and often the reading public sees it as “just another one”, without giving it value, without appreciating all the work that goes into a book, from the moment the idea is generated until it finds its place on the shelf of a bookshop.

How many books have you written and where can we find your books?

So far I have published two novels (El viaje de Haidi and La niña más Bonita de Alella) and a collection of poems (Rimas y romances), and in about a month’s time my third novel, Dentro de ti, will be published. My books are on Amazon and, from the American continent, they can be found on the big international platforms, such as Quares. They can also be ordered from me personally through social media:

Instagram: Lovelace.letras2

Facebook: Lovelace Letras


[email protected]

The book, how do you prefer it, electronic or hardcover, which will be the future?

I prefer paper, whether it’s soft or hard cover, although of course the hard cover is very attractive. It makes the book more valuable. As for the future, I imagine that the electronic book will gradually gain ground.

A wish for 2024.

I hope my third novel, Dentro de ti, is as well received as my first, Haidi’s Journey.

Thank you very much.