Poems by Tetyana Hrytsan Chonka

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Tetyana Vasylivna Hrytsan-Chonka is a Ukrainian writer, born on April 29, 1964, in the village of Vilkhivtsi. She currently resides in Zakarpattia. By profession, she is an educator and works at the Krasnyanske Lyceum.

She is a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, the International Academy of Literature, Art, and Communication “Gloria” (Germany), and the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Kobzar”.

She is the author of 12 poetry collections and the novel-essay “Living Doors, or I Am a Blind Apple of Centuries. I Am a Woman…”. She is also the co-author of 77 anthologies and almanacs, both Ukrainian and international publications, including “Article” – Tel Aviv, “Soul” (Japanese poetry collection), “BRZEGI OGNIA I WODY” (Polish almanac), the literary-artistic magazine “TextOver”, the international poetry collection “Lili Marleen” (Greek), the Chinese poetry collection “Poetry of the World”, the English anthology against war “Poems for the People of Ukraine”, and the co-author of the textbook for Ukrainian students in grades 5-7 “Modern Literature of the Homeland”. She is also the author of the Azerbaijani-Ukrainian poetry collection “Golden Apple”, among others.

Her works have been translated into Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Greek, English, Azerbaijani, and other languages. She is the only participant from Ukraine in the anthology “Anatolian Wind IV – International Anthology” (published in Turkey). She is also the only participant in the project of the International Journal “Prodigy” (USA) for October 2023 in the cycle “Awakening.  She is a record holder and participant of the international anthology “HYPERPOEM” with 2000 participants, which entered the records of the Guinness Book, and a co-author of World Literature in the International Newspaper “Global Nation” (Bangladesh).
Her works are published in international publications, and she participates in various international platforms “Poets of the World for Peace in Ukraine” in Italy, Germany, the UK, China, Canada, the US, Bangladesh, and Germany.
International Literary Peace Prize (Germany-Ukraine).
She is the laureate of international and All-Ukrainian awards and the winner of many contests, including the laureate of the International Literature and Art Prize named after Panteleimon Kulish (2020) for the book of prose “Living Doors, or I Am a Blind Apple of Centuries. I Am a Woman”, the laureate of the international Franz Kafka Prize (Frankfurt-Vienna-Prague), the laureate of the international “Golden Feather” prize in Azerbaijan, awarded the Diploma from the Community of Literature and Art Figures “Gloria”, and listed in the Rating-2022 “Creator and Guardian”. She is also the laureate of the honorary International Literature and Art Prize named after Heinrich Böll (2022), the laureate of the International Ernest Hemingway Literature and Art Competition in Germany for 2022, the laureate of the international “Cultural Diplomacy” prize, presented with the World Order “Golden Star of Cultural Diplomacy” (2023), the laureate of the International Literature Prize named after Robert Burns (Scotland-USA, Los Angeles) for 2023, the laureate of the Literature and Art Prize named after Vasyl Yuhymovych (2023), and honored with the title of “International Peace Ambassador” by the world-renowned newspaper The Daily Global Nation Independent, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Winner of the International Peace Literature Prize (Germany-USA, 2023), the “Golden Bridge” Prize from the International Literature Fund in Kyrgyzstan, laureate of the international prize named after Dka de Rishelle in the category “Book of the Year” for the book “Different Times” (Germany-Ukraine, 2023), prize from the Rahim Karimov Fund (2023), President of the International Literature Fund,  Laureate of the International literary Prize named after Theodore Dreiser (Art Marathon, Portugal, 2023),  Global Writers Academy 2024  and others.

Україна у вогні.

Ви чули?
Життя починається з жовтої стрічки –
Іванка дарунок для Діви Марічки.
Життя виходить з кольору Неба,
Инших фарб ми не кликали,
Їх нам не треба…
Життя має силу Вкраїнської Ниви,
Життя у продовженні променя Сонця,
Життя під покровом Небесної сині.
Архангели Вишні у нас охоронці.
Наші діти не винні.
Ми не повинні
Нести поклони ідолу Мору.
Ми в Україні, у Мами в Подолі.
Доволі смерті! Доволі!
Нам треба МИРУ!

Ukraine in flames.

Have you heard?
Life begins with a yellow ribbon –
Ivanka, a gift for the Virgin Mary.
Life emerges from the color of the Sky,
We didn’t call for any other colors,
We don’t need them…
Life has the power of the Ukrainian Field,
Life in the extension of the Sun’s rays,
Life under the protection of Heavenly blue.
Archangels of the Most High are our guardians.
Our children are not guilty.
We should not
Bow down to the idol of Death.
We are in Ukraine, in Mom’s Podil.
Enough with death! Enough!
We need PEACE!

Цінний день життя.
Знайди мене серед тисячі бруньок,
Прийми мене, огорни сумом
Моєї вчорашньої тіні,
Мої прозорі пінні
Я жива.
Принеси мені перший цілунок,
Проковтни сліз наземних дарунок….
Прийми Божі дива.
Я жива…
У лавандовім світлі птахи,
Прилітають додому,
Вкрилися пір’ям пісень,
Я у небі, поміж птахів,
Ношу воду, шпую* гріхи
Вчорашнього роду…
Я зі Сходу….
Я навчуся твоїм Словам,
Я всю себе віддам
* Шпую —– окроплюю

A precious day of life.

Find me among a thousand buds,
Accept me, wrap me with the mourning
Of my yesterday’s shadow,
My transparent frothy
I am alive.
Bring me the first kiss,
Swallow the tears of earthly gifts….
Accept God’s wonders.
I am alive….
In the lavender light, birds
Are flying home,
Covered with feathers of songs,
I am in the sky, among the birds,
Carrying water, sprinkling sins
Of yesterday’s kin….
I am from the East….
I will learn your Words,
I will give all of myself
To the people….