Poems by Chinh Nguyen

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

BIOGRAPHY: Her true name is NGUYEN CHAU NGOC DOAN CHINH. Her pen name is HONG NGOC CHAU. She is a Master of Educational Administration, a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association (Vietnam), and an Honorary Doctorate in Literature and Humanity of the Church and of Prixton University. Admin member of W.U. P (World Union of Poets), GENERAL COUNCIL level
World Union of Poets with MEDAL SILVER Investigator (14th
medal of World Union of Poets), VISHWA BHARATI Contributor – India (Vishwabharati Research Centre), International Ambassador of the International Council of Writers & Artists, Administrator, moderator, group expert of many literary forums around the world;

Nowhere  is different from the present
Life is like breath, we need a residence
Like the red blood that feeds our body
Our warm family is always so closely
It’s the fulcrum of our aspirations so deep
A power source helps us surpass hardship
We’re happy to share with our relatives
The place where tolerance is fully active
A mother’s love. father’s merit is like vast seas
Brothers worry about each other to be humanity
Kindness and virtue brighten our family
The right thing we do is don’t be so lazy
The noblest is always family love as ever
Warm arms are the scent of life flower
Where we always do send our feelings
Our passionate ambition is beautifying
We connect all members into our life
Keep happiness together all our life
Our dream can nurse and nurture
Home blesses us by time forever
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The first time I saw you Author: HONG NGOC CHAU
Suddenly the whole spring, all are gradually over
The blue sky gradually red in March of summer
Seasons of rice flowers bloom sowing nostalgia
To Spark golden rays for sunshine to fall as ever
The light sunshine flowers on tangled hair
Lips smile in the wind a bright pink color
Under the leaves hat, I was chubby smile
Smooth white clothes for fresh sunshine
Suddenly I saw you with my confused a little
My heart skips a beat and my eyes sparkle
I don’t know, my heart is confused at last
I don’t know what to say, and I walk fast
You want to make friends, you, please
Hesitate, half afraid, half sincere, see
Where to hide, I hide my heart’s shy
Can’t give away good dreams I like
The story of the heart is hard to tell
Is it, at first sight, I would want to tell
Love or emotional heart is confused
As the wind clouds fly away, it’s true
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I Will Always Be A Rose Author: HONG NGOC CHAU
Just as I am forever red velvet rose forever
Just as shy dews on a rose branch forever
Just as dew drops of heaven and earth give grace
I welcome and hope life is a more beautiful grace
Just as I am always the beautiful roses
Just as for the sweet life, I want roses
I love you passionately, love is flowing
Are you still fulfilled with faith in loving
Just as we cannot be buried in our hardship
Just as rain and shine everywhere hardship
My true love never keeps our miserable day
With strong minds,  we will surpass anyway
Just as sharp thorns sharpened in life
Just as I’d decided to dedicate my life
I love you to be perfect and full of flavor
Just vitality mixes up the world forever
Warm sunshine on the red mist forever
Proud rose among hundreds of flowers
My heart is warm and always bright
Like rosebuds that don’t fade all life

HNC@All Rights Reserved.