Imen Melliti: From Greece to Tunisia… 

Ποιήματα από τη συγγραφέα Ιμεν Μελιτη. Aπό τη Τυνησία στην Ελλάδα. Ένας δρόμος γεμάτος με ποιήματα.

Poetry  Memories never die

“We don’t smash our memories as we smash papers. We don’t clean up our past as we do in our attic. One day we let be invaded by all these old notebooks, these old files. At that time we ‘ll start sorting, throwing them away. And then we come across with an old letter that we haven’t reread for years. On old photos we haven’ t seen, for eternity We Will find ourselves traveled away., in days in years in decates… Long ago,  submerged in images, emotions, and memories With memories, well be not able do break the chain and fly a away … We can neither sort nor throw away.our memories are the only ones that décide to go away or come back, pierce the heart, make you cry or laugh.

It ‘s hard...

It is very difficult to leave in silence.
And you swallow the words you wanted to say so hard..!

It is very difficult to exercise your usual calm
And inside you is a volcano of anger and oppression that almost explodes at any moment.!

It is very difficult to close the door to your happiness
And go to walk again “in the maze of your loneliness and misery..?

Many things we do with difficulty, but are dictated by reason and dignity
Which is above everything..
So it is right.. and if it hurts us..!


To forgive does not mean to forget, on the contrary, it is important for learning lessons, to remember what happened.  Unlike the grudge that refuses to be forgotten in order to anchor in us a mental load nourishing resentment, self-forgiveness, frees us from the weight of a past that has destabilized us.  It is a soothing balm which allows us to inhibit the effect of an interior pollution, which in the long run, ends up plaguing the one who feels it, a pollution called devaluation, self-criticism or even guilt … Feelings that rot us!  existence, hence its usefulness to resume the course of his life.  So we may not be able to go back over what happened, but perhaps we can already decide to forgive ourselves a little bit in order to deal with it and keep moving forward …


We are the remains of a relationship that eroded long ago.
Remnants of feelings that still sit every night close to memories, asking and inquiring, “Why didn’t we continue?”  ..
We are the remains of memories we lived in for years of our lives and we love..
The remains of groans taught us that no matter how much we love, we will not continue just because we want to love.
We are the remnants of pride that makes us leave harm and inside us moaning from excessive holding on..
We are the remains of the same pride that drives us to leave without thinking..
We are a pile of contradictions, a pile of impulsive feelings that cannot live all inside our hearts.
We are the love that grew gently one day and then went out..
The hate that we try not to control the purity of our hearts..
We are the force that makes us forget out of dignity.
The weakness that compels us to survive out of habit.
We are the love that lived in our hearts for a time.. We are the pain that we will live in times that we forget that love.

Never give up

Even if everything seems lost to you, take another step forward.
Even if you don’t believe in yourself, take another step forward.
Even if the road is dark, take another step forward.
Even if you don’t have the strength, take another step forward.
Go ahead and you will see, you will be fine.
Because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
The light is there, always present …
And sometimes she waits before showing up.
Go ahead, go ahead and you will find her!

Subconscient woman

I ‘ve thought for a long time

that I would manage to live
with your absence

and for a long time it didn’t affect me

This is what we all hope

to be able to detach from


I did’ t expect that

This situation would one day turn against

I didn’t imagine that one day

I would feel lost without you

that your absence would wreak on my chest

that your name would sound in my head

I sincerely believed that

I would never have to experience this situation

yet today it is here

The most difficult feeling is

to have this impression of

being the only person to feel that

to be there, to hope for even a sign from you

Subconscient woman I realized how lonely

The world is turned into boundless desert

I feel emptiness inside
It breaks me down

But my heart is so cramped

it’s filled with unspoken words

But you’re not here to hear

all these things that my heart is holding

I desperately hopes for seeing a sign

just one singe telling me

that, in the middle of the ocean of love pains

You will have to learn to swim so as not to drown in my absence

I hope he succeeds

But don’t forget

your heart is still missing my heart.

©Imen Melliti Poet Translator Author