Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar: “I believe that this world can be changed by the continuous efforts of poets and fiction writers”

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Bio: Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar is an Editor, Principal Publication Officer, Jury and Member of Advisory Board in service of Government of India. He is a Multilingual (English, Hindi, and Urdu) international poet, short story writer, and critic from India. He is B. A. English Honors from Ranchi University. He has topped Jawaharlal Nehru University in Masters with Literature. He was awarded a Doctor from the University of Delhi. He is a P. G. Diploma in Calligraphy, Mass Media, and Book Publishing. He has 16 books in his credential and “The Burning Boat” is under print.

Please share your thoughts about future of literature? When have you started writing? I would like to say that the future of literature is safe and sound because human beings will need to read literature to seek solace in it from the continuous menace of senseless material world. This is the food of our soul. Literature is essential to keep our mind in peace. We can disseminate good moral values and imbibe humanity to our new generation mostly through literature. Therefore, parallel to the development of science and technology literature will grow side by side. In this way, we can see that the future of literature is bright. I started my writing when my first story was published on 6th September 1980 in a Literary Fortnightly Newspaper PINDAR from Patna, India. I have not got checked it by anyone. It made me very delighted and satisfied with my maiden successful attempt. Soon after that I began writing my poems as well. Thus, I can say that I started my writing of story and poem simultaneously.

The Good or the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? Since inception, Baddies are apparently visible everywhere as the winner in society. However, the good people are indeed running this world. Evil and virtues walk together. It is up to us by which we get inspiration. The destructive mind might seems to be winner but in the long run honesty wins the race. I support constructive and progressive values of literature. I always create meaningful and socially useful literature. I believe that this world can be changed by the continuous efforts of poets and fiction writers. I think that the beauty lies in the struggle to overpower the evils of the society. We should never give up in the fights of eradication of illiteracy and superstition.

How many books have you written and where can we find your books? I have 20 published books in my credential so far. 2 Collections of Poem, 2 Collections of Story, 4 books of research and criticism, 4 Books of translation (Drama, Children’s story books and Essay, etc.), 2 Children’s Story books, 2 Glossaries (Co-edited) and 4 Children’s books (under process of printing with NBT, India. My most of the books can be bought from the website: www.ephbooks.com and www.creativestarpublication.com

The book, E-book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? The future of book will be changing as per the development of technology but the importance of printed words will remain the same as it was in the dawn of the world civilization. The words were inscribed on the racks, the on the metal, after then on the leather before the usage of papers. I think, the medium of printing will change to protect the environment. The process of printing from ink to digital has already changed. There should be no surprise if books would be read on any hard surface like on your palm or on the wall, etc. In short, I am very optimistic about the future of e-books and digital books apart from hardcover books. Invention is the mother of necessity. All kinds of books are important depending on their usages as for example, the life of school textbooks is not expected more than one or two years. Hence, these are produced in Paperback but a dictionary or an encyclopedia is brought out in Hardbound edition.

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your book? I wish a Peace and Progress for the 2023 among the leaders of the world. The natural calamity is worse than manmade disputes of natural resources and political boundaries. Therefore, we should resolve such disputes to face the environmental changes occurring everywhere due to human population and global warming. Only Love and Peace can keep the Earth green and cool.

A Phrase from my book: Hate begets hate

Love begets love

It is our choice, what we choose

Either a vulture or a dove

(Love Begets Love by Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar, Page No.26, Concerto Consortium, ESN Publication, Tamil Nadu, India)

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