Toufiq Zohur: Three poems “Passionate Love” “Texture of a Sari” “You and a Cup of Coffee”

Απο το Bangladesh τα ποιήματα του αγαπητού φίλου μας Toufiq Zohur φτάνουν στην Ελλάδα

Short bio-data : Toufiq Zohur is renowned poet and essayist of the nineties. Born on 15 December 1973 in Bogra, Bangladesh. He recieved Bachelor degree in Bengali Literature. The handiwork of creativity is basically from journalism. ‘Al-Mahmoud and Others ‘(2004) Toufiq Zohur’s research book which is widely discussed at the time. The book of poems includes ‘Thirsnarta Chokher Akuti'(2016), ‘Pakhi Bikri Kahini’ (2019), ‘Ke amake Deke niye jay bare bare’ (2020), ‘Ei shahore Amar kono Premika nai'(2021), ‘Thanda Mangsho O Aguner Chulli’ a joint book of poetry with renowned Indian poet Trisna Basak (2021)  ‘Shabder Onkar, The Magical Echo of Sound, a joint venture with eminent Bangladeshi poet Kushal Bhowmick (2021). Toufiq Zohur has been working as an Editor of  ‘Uddan’ a little magazine on art, literature and philosophy since 1998. Among the honors and awards noteworthy are –Dainik Bangali’s Kantha Writer’s Award(2019) and Poet Jibanananda Das Memory Award(2020).

Passionate Love Toufiq Zahur
Translate by Suchismita Ghoshal
The touch of the shadow awakens sorcery in the bodyInternal tremors flow in the veins of bloodDivine eyes of the heart opens through the meditation of heartThe path of light walks through the alleys of the earth.
Life without you is a stick of incense,The smoke burns the fragrance of meditation.##

Texture of a Sari Toufiq Zohur 
Eyes were fixed on the Tajmahal roadthrough the veil of noon.A humble love there in the folds of a sariI looked from a distance and don’t hold her hands.
I decided to give her a roseAnd the sari turned into a green treeThe leaves as if were the Mola fish of ancient charyapadaThe mighty waves of sea fell on the upper part of the sariAnd I was thrilled by the five feet and two inches fire.I looked upon the sari with the thirst of a seaAnd drowned under the shadow of her eyes.
I saw this tree in Sobhanbagh first in the wet sunThen I saw her fresh in the morning skyGradually I saw her peacock shape in turquoise colour.By pressing the carousel of trust,I suddenly discovered the fragranceof mystery with the touch of my lips.Since then, with the earthy smell I realizedThe pigeons in my breath keep flyingIn a rain-soaked fieldYou are my mirrorWhere you stand in the texture of a sari.##

You and a Cup of Coffee Toufiq Zohur 
A cup of coffee in a thirsty souland your presenceI decorate the afternoon with elegant colourRemoving the darkness of falsehoodI lit the lamp of love.Every time I reach youmy sense receive the fragrance ofyour loving faceAnd I forgot the coffee go’nna coldAgain and again, in the same pictureI float the promises of present and future.Sweetheart, O’, Sweetheart,I want to sit next to you foreverAnd sip a warm cup of coffeewith the fascination of life.##