Emanuele Cilenti: “Life is a blank canvas, it’s up to you to color it”

I love poetry when it talks about life, and the problems of life, verse free, Haiku, Gogyoshi, I love to give constructive and good messages to my readers.”

Do you remember writing your first words of poetry? When it was? Please tell us more about it. I remember I was twelve, I wrote my first poem when I was a teenager, I dedicated it to the most important person in my life: God. I still remember that my hands and heart were shaking, I realized then that it was poetry because I it moved a lot, an extraordinary memory.

Did you have any early influences / inspirations? Yes, I got inspiration after reading Giacomo Leopardi’s poems and Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, they are the ones who inspire me so much.

What / who started you writing poetry? I started like that, by chance, but the passion blossomed at school when I studied Italian literature and the great poets.

Does your background / heritage influence your writing? Please explain. I draw my poems from experiences made in my life, I am a careful observer and listener, when I perceive an emotion, both good and bad, I write poems, compose some works.

Which topics inspire you the most to write? How come? The topics are many, social themes, love, joy and pain, but also death, life, etc… My goal has always been to make people think carefully about life, and the world, and how to improve our life and that of our neighbor.

Do you remember your first published work? Where, what was it? When? Tell me how you felt seeing your printed words. The first published work is entitled: “Dream journeys of my soul”, an anthology of thoughts and poems. I published it in 2010, I remember feeling in seventh heaven, I was very happy and proud of myself, I finally made it!

In which publication are you most proud to publish your work, why? I am an artist who loves to experiment with many faces of art, this gratifies me and inspires me to move forward, I write and love poetry, thriller / horror novels, theater, cinema, songs.

Do you have a favorite kind of poetry? How come? Tell me more. I love poetry when it talks about life, and the problems of life, verse free, Haiku, Gogyoshi, I love to give constructive and good messages to my readers.

What are your future projects as a writer / poet? In January 2022 I will publish my new book, number 12, an anthology of dramatic and fictional stories. It will be entitled: “My Scars”.

What projects are you working on and why? Theater and film, I love both, and I love to convey emotions with everything I write.

A phrase that you like and has inspired you. “Life is a blank canvas, it’s up to you to color it”, quote from one of my books.

“The street where dreams live”.

The Messina artist Emanuele Cilenti (poet, writer, actor, songwriter, screenwriter and film maker) is back with a new book with a strongly international flavor… a collection entitled: “The street where dreams live”, pure, direct poetry, without mincing words, which has its roots in the reader’s heart, in the soul, in life, as always when it comes to this multifaceted artist, a book written in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish ..it could not have been otherwise seen the consensus, the success and the awards that Cilenti Emanuele is receiving around the world; Asia, the United States of America, Africa, Latin America, and obviously much of Europe, with interviews, presentations of their books, virtual meetings and international poetry, poems translated into several languages: English, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, and included in anthologies, blogs, digital cultural magazines and international paper that include poets from all over the world. .eleventh book of a career, as a poet and writer, which has now lasted for eleven years, it was in fact 2010 when his first book entitled: “Dream journeys of my soul” was born, which was followed by ten other books in these eleven years : “I’m just a nightmare, violent percussion, .Celestial Whispers, Infinity Petals, Ink tears on the face of the heart, Help!I have two mummies at home, That trail of light and beauty, A blade of grass that tickles the sky, and finally the last one: “The street where dreams live”.

.”A collection where the love for poetry and life are the masters, a strong, short but intense journey around the universe of Man, to understand a little who we are, but above all where we are going …” (stretch from the preface of the book).

The book can be purchased on the Amazon portal.

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