Taghrid Bou Merhi: “the Lebanese Poetess, Writer, Translator”

Biography by Taghrid Bou Merhi: Lebanese Poetess, Writer, Translator. Árabic teacher for non-native speakers. Living in Brazil.

Editor of Al-Arabi Today Electronic Newspaper. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Team

Member: Translators Without Borders into Portoguese and Italian. Responsible for the Translation department at Agareed Literary Magazine.

Books: – Songs of Longing. – The Keys of Science: Verses and Manifestations. -Philosophies on The Edge of The Soul. Participated in writing several books and encyclopedias. -Translated the “Rituals of Love” book by Poet Fatima Mansour into spanish.

Translated a group of texts from the collection of Books (Part Two, Three, Fourth and Fifth) written by Poets Nasser Ramadan Abdel Hamid into Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Translated (Savage Wind) book by Poet Azuk Kumar Mitral into Arabic and Portuguese.

Translated a group of texts written by Poet Ghada Al-Husseini.

Published in various Literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites.

Her poems have been translated into Uzbyk French, English, Italian Turkich, Amazigh and Portoguese.

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Fone numbre: +554591052873

Stupidity and Emptiness 

I used to invoke stupidity to justify your existence in my life.

And My heart used to advise me every time to go on with my stupidity with some coolness.

So I built a barrier between me and myself, that pushed me to to join the void.

I had to open my heart to an old picture embedded in the walls’s protrusions, and to scratch its flesh with the nails of memory, may it lift me up so that I may avoid its evil.

I learned that the divisions of stupidity can be gained through pain, and features become like papers, connect its alphabet and polish it like a professional poet.

When things started to shrink, and my troubled heart began to accompany my features to the stage, I was afraid to lose the bet and lose my polluted stupidity and lose you as I lost my ugly doll when I was a child.

I started hearing the screaming of my features whenever I lost part of my stupidity.

It is said that since then, I have stopped in the visible range, as a statue that has lost its being…

In the middle of the dream 

I didn’t want to fall in love with you, how did this happen ? I do not know!!! 

In my dream, I was standing, full of longing, and half way on the road I was evading desire, so I won’t be disappointed or rejected by reality…

I believed Love is more than a phone call, more than you looking beautiful and more than me dreaming of you nightly…

To love was not part of my plans, neither was my dressing up in finery for you…

But, who can stop what ca not be stopped?!

I am supposed to smile in pictures, and send you kisses with the wind, And I have no clue about romantic datesNor blind jealousy, Nor about the waltz dance and the arousing French Perfume…

But I fell in Love, and here is my heart beating wildly, and I don not know what Love means…

I remembered your way of talking, your voice with its lazy tone, And the brown dimple. 

I realized how to lose my balanceand dream of you, And long to the sun’s laughter in my veins.
©® Taghrid Bou Merhi