“Strings that unite us through migration” Reference Program: EUROPE FOR CITIZENS’ PROGRAMME

Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
2.2: Network of Towns
Thematic Networking of Twinned Towns – EUROPEAN CONFERENCES


The project “Strings that unite us through migration” was promoted by the Municipality of Gondomar with the aim of creating a network of cities to raise awareness on priority issues related to migration, integration and social inclusion, the fight against marginalisation and stigmatisation of migrants.

The project aimed to strengthen strong, lasting and fruitful cooperation
between partners from PORTUGAL, MALTA, SLOVAKIA, SPAIN, ITALY, ROMANIA, CROATIA, LATVIA, POLAND, ESTONIA, LHITUANIA, HUNGARY, BULGARIA, NORTHERN MACEDONIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, GREECE and FRANCE, as in many of them Migration is an open debate, as they are outward looking countries.

During the life of the project more than 750 participants have been involved, with a huge impact on direct and indirect participants.
The main objective of the project is to involve young people and workers related to the topic of migration, institutional actors in decision-making at local, national and European level, as well as NGOs, experts, politicians, voluntary associations and immigrant services, women by giving a gender perspective, people with fewer opportunities , dealing with: immigrants, asylum, political rights and participation, intercultural communication and cultural mediation. And above all we seek to bring to the project citizens who have never been involved in such activities.

Through the cooperation between the partners and citizens, as well as all the institutions involved, the issues raised of great relevance, priorities on the European political agenda, which allowed a very broad and direct participation, the project will have effects and repercussions in the medium and long term. The signing of the Twinning Pact will represent the solid relationship between the partners involved and the beginning of a long period of future collaborations, based on the idea of future sustainability of the project.

Through a structured programme of activities, a great impact and significant participation of direct and indirect participants was guaranteed, aiming to improve the knowledge and perception of the topics discussed, the magnitude of the initiative will also be increased through public dissemination actions.

The Project had 5 Itinerant Events all over Europe:
Event 1 in Gondomar (Portugal), from 06 to 09 September 2021
Event 2 in Fonds-Saint-Denis/Le Marin (Martinique, France), from 31st January to 7th February 2022
Event 3 in Thessaloniki/Nea Propontida (Greece), from 25 to 28 April 2022
Event 4 in Castelmola/Forza d’Agrò (Sicily, Italy), from 11 to 14 May 2022
Event 5 in Krakow/Kamionka Wielka (Poland) from 30 June to 03 July 2022

The meetings were streamlined with the organisation of public debates, dissemination and exchange of best practices, comparison, round table, kick-off, case studies, interactive seminars, life stories learned from interviewing migrants and viewing documentaries.