Stefania Miola: “May all children live happily without suffering in a world full of love”

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Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. It is certainly a utopia, but I would like every work written for the benefit of humanity to one day acquire a value and strength to stir consciences and lead to true human evolution. Progress dictated by the sovereignty of love, peace and brotherhood among all peoples.

When you start writing? I was a very creative child and still I am. I loved writing, painting, modeling, experimenting with new materials. I started writing the first poems around the age of 9, the content of these first poems was linked to the good and bad experiences of those years, my mother’s serious illness, friendship, the loss of a loved one, the first time my eyes were enraptured by the beauty of the starry sky… They described the feelings associated with the first time I felt a certain emotion. I began studying the poetry of the great poets of the past during junior high school. I remember when I first read Leopardi’s Infinity I felt an inner vibration that I was unable to fully understand at the time. Many years passed before he took the pen back in his fingers. One day I was sick. I couldn’t stand up and spent the whole day on the sofa at home with a notepad and a pen. In three days my poetic sylloge was born. “one sky, the only true one” that encloses my vision of the world in its compositions. It was 2015.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? I think nowadays there are no winners or losers but rather a humanity overwhelmed and confused by false models and the materialistic world. I think the purpose of literature and art in general is to allow man to know himself. Anyone who decides to take the path of knowledge will never be a violent man but a loving man towards the world and towards himself. Aware, blessed. There are no distances and differences between me and the rest of the world. I try to treat all people with kindness, care and respect, with the same care I give myself.

How many books have you written? I have currently published four poetic syllogues and a contemporary art catalog book where the story of the painter of the sea, Pino Cannatà, is told. Many of my writings are present in national and international anthologies and magazines.

And where can we find your books? My books can be ordered on Amazon. The last born “Anime in bloom – Letters from eternity” on the Prodigy online store.

The book. E book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? I personally prefer the paper book. I love the smell of paper and turning pages by inserting natural bookmarks. However, I think that e – book is a space-saving solution and that in the future there will be no more printed books, also to safeguard the natural world.

A wish for 2022. For 2022 I wish that all peoples can live in peace. May all children live happily without suffering in a world full of love. From a literary point of view, I hope to see my new book come to light.

A phrase from your book. I’ll always pick you a rose… So you don’t get stung.

Bio: Stefania Miola was born in Lanzo Torinese in Italy. Lover of art in all its many forms, poet, writer, editor for “La Voce agli italiani” and for the international” Sindh Courier”. From 2015 at today he has published four poetic syllogs. One sky the only True, Violets in the desert, The perfume of the White Rabbit, Souls in bloom.