Poems by Til Kumari Sharma from Nepal

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Til Kumari Sharma is Multi Award Winner in writing  from  international area is from Paiyun 7- Hile Parbat, Nepal. Her writings are published in many countries. She is featured-poet and best-selling  co-author too. She is poet of World Record Book ” HYPERPOEM”.  Her World Personality is published in Multiart 8 / 12  magazine from Argentina. She is feminist poet.

Issue of Woman:

The women are joked.
In joking, patriarchy dominates much.
It forgets to respect.
It gives the huge disturbance in the duty and work.
Few want to make lower to her true character.
Not all people are bad.
Some may like to dominate with  jokes.
It is not peaceful environment to respect women in Nepal.
The males born from woman face;
But they disrespect their own behavior to insult them.
What is society ?
What is peace?
Still same jokers are insulting the virtuous woman.
Are not women standard being?

Woman in Educated Room:

Women in so-called educated society are dismissed with fake words and fake nearness.
The society is still in cradle of  loss.
The few so-called intellectuals are formed with irresponsible voices.
The time is spent with fake jokes.
The intellectuality still is in cradle of mind.
How to improve them not to joke over woman is question of solution.
Few supports them are filled with lust and ego.
How to lead them with humanity ?
The constitution of world should be morally born.
If they are in power, they always dominate and bring errors in our moral doings.
In the name of love, they exploit.
In the name of joke, they want to destroy our standard character.
Woman is not joy object to joke and romance.
Woman is standard being to form new art and new world.

June 2-2024
© Til Kumari Sharma
Parbat, Nepal