Poems by Sabyasachi Nazrul

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: SABYASACHI NAZRUL is a Bilingual Global Poet, Motivational Author, Rhymer, Translator, Columnist, Presenter, World Peace Ambassador, Global Peacemaker Doctorate, World Symbols of Peace & many awards wining writer, Associate Member of the University of Ethics. He is The Ambassador of IFCH and Others 7 International literary Association. His works are translated into 44 International languages and Published in National Newspapers, Magazine’s of Bangladesh. And also published in various International Anthology, literary Journals, Magazine’s of 62 countries. He has 21 joint poetry books and 2 own poetry books one is manuscripts award winning ” Eakti Tarjonir Isara ” another is ” Swapno Uran ” and editing a literary Magazine named kittinasar kirtti. He is the Sub-editor and literary Editor of The Daily Global Nation International Independent Newspaper, Bangladesh.

BLOODY DESERT! Sabyasachi Nazrul

Rivers of blood flow…
Dead bodies on top of dead bodies in Gaza,
Dead body are all around!
A pile of corpses piled up.
There is no place to keep the body!
Graveyards are also full
There is no place for burial?
Where are so many coffins?
Where are so many nails to stick in the coffin?
Coffin Mysterio is also dead under the rubble.
Where are so many shroud?
The tailor who weaves the cloth of the shroud is also dead under the rubble!

There is no more space in the hospital;
Doctors and nurses are also in the procession of the dead.
Medical equipment is also in short supply, almost finished!
Medicinal food bandage cloth almost finished!
They’re also bombing in hospitals.
Journalists are also in the procession of the death!

The procession of the martyrs of Jannat is only getting longer.
In Gaza, there is no shroud in Palestine!
There is no tailor for the shroud!
There is no money to buy shrouds and coffins!
O Arabs, sit comfortably in the warmth to eating Gandhi Pindi,
Camel head, Dumbar roast swallowed with great pleasure.
Khasir Roast, Kofta, Rezala, Steamed,
Pahari bahari chicken roast without eating, you throw!

Take a look at us..
Look at Gaza, Palestine!
No food, no water, no dry bread, no light,
There is no baby food left,
There is nothing around.
There is no response from the people or any living being.
Only bruises all around the bloodsucking vampire’s bullets, Israeli bombings;
They are shooting like rain from the sky.
Gaza is like a wasteland.

The Arabs will not wake up Lord to protect your holy land!
The Muslim world is also sleeping and dying.
Lord, send for your band of ababils
In defense of the Gazans, in defense of the Palestinians,
In defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Where is the peace?  There is no peace anywhere?
This is the Time to woke up humanity…

The war… Sabyasachi Nazrul

A war, a planned attack, a continuous conflict
brought an innocent nation to the brink of destruction,
Destroying humanity! Cry for peace,
Prayer is universal today,
I want peace, not war, we want peace!

Ammo weapons won’t last long
Not even power, power, arrogance
This is a violent crime, a show of arrogance
All gains are losses, souls are also emotionless, silent.
The politics of hypocritical egoism is everywhere today
By sea, on land,
The attack of the ferocious dinosaurs is taking away the lives of innocent women and children, the flying song of the dead soul.

The powers of man’s consciousness are immovable to arms, sunk in the abyss;

Why, for what purpose the blood of precious innocent people is spilled, taken away, why, why?
Childrens, womens and old peoples are lying frozen silent with his body shattered by your bullets.
Why, whose interests are arranged cities, towns, busy ports, architectural destruction today?
What is the competition?
Dominate, sell weapons, or waste talent;
Why, why, why are even the calm, well-behaved, innocent domesticated animals lying frozen, bloodied, dying?

O warlord, stupid, hyena, bandit, monster, you bastard child, part of a harlot;
Why do you want to make the land full of destruction?
You are made of the blood of a wasted fetus.

Ah!  Families are scattered and scattered, refugees abandoning their happy and beautiful lives, crying in other people’s lands,
Shorts of bullets, bombings, At the impact of the wars are the bonds of eternal souls leave each other.
Celebrating bloodshed, massive investment in arms to prevent war,
Earth, human life, youth, love are running on the path of destruction, this is your responsibility.

The endless sea is waveless today,
Innocent men and women, mothers and children, the sky-splitting cries of old age, tears defeat even the sea!
The galaxies have ceased, the incomparable moonlight is dim, the stars are unresponsive;
I know when the sun goes out!

Covered with dust and smoke.
The song of the bird’s voice will not last longer,
The nests of birds, insects and trees, the habitat of animals, the reservoir of oxygen, the forests are also destroyed;
I want peace, no peace!
The black eyes of the vulture are sharp and violent claws..
Lord, so much damage, so much destruction, so much blood, so much tears, so much water to the creation of the great creator
Who is responsible for this?
A war.. war.. war… The War..

The Chemical City by Sabyasachi Nazrul

This city without the touch of dew on the tip of the grass is not mine…!
No, no, this city cannot be mine.

My city, yes, yes I wanted a pure and clean shining home, livable holy bright city.
Where every breath I take will be safe.
Generation after generation, the next generation will grow in light and air, in flowery beauty.
Where life’s song of joy will be sourced in every march, noise, procession…

Innumerable corpse bearers, funeral bearers, silent silent frozen shoulders, people with abundant tears will not beat their chests and moan;
Painful Eye’s tears will not follow the path of Buriganga?
Where is my shining city?
I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want this city of sudden light scattered with burning chemicals.
I do not want this city of countless corpses burned in the fire pit!

Do you understand this city that stinks of chemicals?
Well, in this lead pollution, in this closed environment without the shade of trees, how do you breathe?
You, yes, how do you breathe?
By the infinite grace of The Allah, I understand that you are alive in the battle of lead and breath…

Where there is no price of breath, where there is no price of life, there is no safety of walking, there is no safety of life in the heart of a hard-edged person, only this is not there..
Where often in the fire of chemicals, the most terrible, terrible fire is destroyed by burning and destruction.

Life, dreams, hopes, desires, everything, everything, everything is getting destroyed. No no no this city is not mine!

Only after the death city, this is like a deserted chemical city without life!
Well, can anyone tell me why, why, why?
Why so much life, so much soul, is consumed by the burning hot fire in no time and becomes ashes.

Save, save, save.. save, save, save…

The speechless voices were lost in the flames, vanished forever into the air.

What do the water-seeking, insatiable, thirsting souls mixed in the sky-air of the chemical city shed countless tears behind all the lead….!

You can not save me!
You can not save us?
This city does not belong to mankind, this city is not mine.
This city is chemical!
This city is not mine, this is a city of death.
This is a chemical city!