Poems by Rupsingh Bhandari

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Rupsingh Bhandari is a poet, short story writer, social activist, critic and translator from the Karnali province of Nepal. He writes in English, Nepali and Hindi. Rupsingh has published several poems, articles, short stories, as well as translated poems and stories. He is the author of the Conscience’s Quantum poetry book. He served as editor of the International Anthology of Pandemic Poetry 2020. His creations are worldwide anthologized and published. He is founder of Words Highway International (Writers Association). Rupsingh does painting and music and loves to travel.


Unfold us 
And the conclusion closed …
The full stop
Fools us… 
But ellipses take up eternity…

I am boarded
On the endlessness of uncertainty
I am alive in the soulless world…
Breathing same air
Among dead…

You and Me

I lost my melody,
I brunt my pride.

But, still
I am hanged
Carelessly! In your backyard…of
Busy schedules…
For emergency
As the broken umbrella,
Where my
Hope’s skeletons
Holding your doubts cobweb
Magnitude of mysteries

New Variant of Self 

Carrying a crowded city inside
Humans seem silent like treeless hills.
Pandemic of inside
Spreading more densely
A bunch of problems…mutating into many other  
…to search freedom,
Devouring own self more cruelly.  

From this plethora of paradoxes
Let us descend in to fathom of 
Truthfulness …

This mundane is
Bridge to brightness
Let us not think to build the houses on bridges,
But, let us cross with it
Carrying the houses of self as tortoises do.

Let us discover the miracle from miseries…
To evolve into new variant of Self.