Poems by Rozalia Aleksandrova

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Rozalia Aleksandrova lives in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Author of 11 poetry books. Editor and compiler of over 30 literary almanacs, collections. Initiator and organizer of the International Festival of Poetry “Spirituality Without Borders” from 2015.
Winner of the CESAR VALLEJO Prize for Literature – 2022; Winner of the MAHATMA GANDHI LEADERSHIP AWARD 2022; International Outstanding Poet Award of CHINESE LITERATURE FESTIVAL – 2022, MASTER POET 2023, recognizing by GLOBAL ALIANCE, SPARKLING SOUL AWARD 2023 – UHE Chile and other.

Dedicated to J. E. Marquez

It gets into your soul
White horse unicorn.
Magic hero.
And hearty friend.
And now the world becomes yours,
becomes mine.
Dances, runs
among clouds of gold.
And fairy rain
has knocked on the threshold.
Shakes the wheat.
And darkness captivated.
Everything good from today
becomes NEXT.
In the vastness of sunny
happy days.

©Rozalia Aleksandrova


Let’s tell people today
how I love and how I lived.
Every pain opens spaces.
Every breath is a priceless Grail.

This battle is so old.
But youth is pressing on us.
All secrets will go down to the station.
To be love in the love.

And I’m leaving here with hope
for infinite eternal life.
And that’s how life puts us in order.
After a fall comes an upswing.

Will we get the chance again
to unleash our guilt.
And let’s run down the slope together.
And to love. In celestial ecstasy.


What remains of Man
without faith, power and Love?
Confused misfortune.
And already wasted life.

And faith in You, O God,
is our heavenly Day.
Eternal suffering.
And possible.
We are immortal spirits.
In captivity.


Before we lose the most precious thing.
Let’s take a look from the tower,
which exalted us in the ego.

Let’s look to the stars.
They don’t look any closer.
And let’s remember the Heart.
Our Eternal arbiter.
Our measure in the humaneness
Nearest star in the sky.
The warmest sigh of the weather.
And a judge.
It touches the stars.
And steps with love
On the earth.
It is a ladder in space
in the human eyes.
True friend.
The Eternal Earth Support.
And Gift,
which subdues


will come.
But it is
to play
the angelic
The Heart that dared to change,
will survive. In the cold. And falseness.
The Heart.
The Time
of God
its earthly
And every moment
is born
The Hour
of meaning