Poems by Niloy Rafiq

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Niloy Rafiq

The Number of published poetry (Number-7) :
1. Bishoddha Bishadey Bhashi Aami Raajhnash (I am the swan floating in the pure air)-2014
2. Pipasar Paramayu (Eternity of thirst)-2016
3. Nona Manusher Mukh (Salty human face)-2017
4. Aggato Agun (Unknown fire)-2019
5. Ankhi Anka Aadinath (Aadinath in eyes)-2021
6. Momer Prarthonay Noto Matir Shorir (Earthen body bended, worshipping candel)-2023
7. Sun Leaf (Rud Pata)-2023

Lightning Anklet by Nilay Rafiq

In the intense heat of the pale face in the water onkar melancholy
The wind blew secretly in a distant whirlwind
Scene of separation Golden food in the paddy field
The shackles of the feet meet in the darkness all around.

Epidemic under the curse of nature
Turning back and forth in the attendance register breaks the dream,
The golden rose on the forehead calls for a cruel destiny.
Ready to hit the shores of the Sundarbans in the evening.

Unconscious upstream at the sign of the salty creeper on the coast
The body of the memory leaf will fly away
And the body will be buried in the water.
Mourning song deposited in the chest,
The story of everlasting life is like a shadow on the top of Mainak,
Yet the mind cries in the shelter of peace.

Translated by Alam Mahbub

Obsessive by Nilay Rafiq

Poison hood in the house of ancient civilization
The claws on the blue soft body are like an unknown disease
Row upon row of helpless chariots, like heaven,
And helpless destiny in radiant darkness.
The cosmos cannot be touched
The corpse trembled in the vein due to the slap.
The country in tears and despair at the flower procession,
Save the freedom of speech in the voice of the owner.

The gloomy earth is overwhelmed by its epidemic of corona viruses,
In this time of turmoil and fatigue,
Insane life dreams and random dances in rural ports.
Pray in the heart, call the mind of self-purification
And the path of radiant peace in the fragrance of light.

Translated by Alam Mahbub

At the top of Mainak by Niloy Rafiq

The sun at the top of Mainak,
The face in the procession of dreams on the blazing path,
The six-point inscription,
In the field of intense waves and black-crowned red,
In the caves, in the mountains, people are on fire.
And hard bricks fall down,
Ceremony scenery and still sky.
Blood language is a great story of the great age.
The victory of liberation in the fire of the father’s voice.

All of them are Bengalis
They merge in the abode of creative peace.
And the mind of the sea with courage, generosity
The map still sleeps in the blood-stained father.
Such shame is hugely rare in history.

Translated by Alam Mahbub