Poem by Nigar Nurulla Khalilova

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Nigar Nurulla Khalilova
Poet, novelist, translator from Azerbaijan, Baku city. Currently in Saudi Arabia connected with her physician’s job. Member of Azerbaijan Writers Union
Holds Ph.D degree from Azerbaijan Medical university
She has been published in literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies in Azerbaijan, Russia, Bangladesh, USA over the years. Participated and published in poetry festivals, conducted data in the capital of  Texas Austin (AIPF ) in 2016-2017

A Word about Constantine P. Cavafy

He wrote as if He was just pouring out
His feelings on paper for himself alone,
Simply released the poems to the ground,
Like birds without wings, that don’t know
Flying to high skies.
Dreemy, overwhelmed by great thoughts
About life, time, peace and wars,-
Greek Poet ahead of his time
From Alexandria.
He had individual style, his own handwriting,
His own view of everything that  surrounded.
He didn’t like tinsel in poetry,
And didn’t recognize artificial sounds.
His words were simple, prosaic almost,
But  each one weighed in gold bar.
Wisdom is brilliantly simple always
And overgrown with eternity star.