Poems by Rezauddin Stalin from Bangladesh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

The Brutal Dawn – Rezauddin Stalin

The dawn is a brutal lover
Breaking all the windows of the earth it peeps
Bumps on the face of the young women
And licks all smooth glasses

Time flows in the veins
The swain is more committed
Lies on the lap of the young women
And looks for the secret chamber

The afternoon sun descends
In the arteries
The deadly thirst of victory flows in the blood
Through nostrils the red blood cells of mask
Comes running

When night falls the householder  
Keeps pelting the nostalgic baits –  yet the skillful hunter
Open eyes are reluctant to see
Closes the gaze in peace
An infinite silence freezes in the wisdom
Thinks it was a brutal dawn once

Translated by Ashraf Chowdhury  ([email protected])

The Lantern of Diogenes – Rezauddin Stalin

A strange lantern sleeps at night
Wakes up in the sunlight
And moves around the World
Stands in front of people
As if it would examine something
When somebody asks it replies-
Searching out Human – a mad
Does anyone light the lamp at broad daylight
From where does it get as much fuel

The lantern starts moving up to the Universe
The endpoint breaks through all the walls
Illuminated doors are opened with the scratch of the lantern
Penetrating the echelons of all North South East Army of darkness
The lantern came out in the guise of Buddha
Before the night falls the Dabbatul Ardh will visit the world
It will draw a seal on the forehead of everyone
An engineer knows the changing geometry of anxiety
The structure of the lantern – He is Diogenes
Lives in the invisible shadow of emptiness
His house is a punctuation mark
Made with the space of arrogance
He treats Alexander the Great 
As a mere one
Even The Great Philosopher Plato is a fool to him
At knowledge dot com
He exports the lantern worldwide
For free of cost
He has fixed his grave to be in the belly of those wolves
Whom he encounters during his lifetime

Translated by Ashraf Chowdhury ([email protected])

Disguise /Gogyoshi – Reazuddin Stalin

Despite having no sons and daughters
In the countries the war grows.
Jesus has no descendants too
Despite the Crosses grow everyday,
In disguise the Pilates roam across.

ছদ্মবেশ/Gogyoshi( Bangla language)

রেজাউদ্দিন স্টালিন

যুদ্ধের কোনো পুত্র কণ্যা নেই
তবু তা জন্মায় দেশে দেশে।
যিশুরও নেই সন্তান সন্ততি
তবু ক্রুশগুলো জন্মায় প্রতিদিন,
পিলাতেরা সব ঘুরছে ছদ্মবেশে।

Bio: Rezauddin Stalin Bengali very famous poet. Born in 1962 in Nalbhanga village of Greater Jessore district.
The number of planets is more than a hundred. Got it
Many local and foreign awards including Bangla Academy. His poems have been translated into 42 languages of the world.
Along with poetry he established himself as a successful media personality. His basic thoughts on various issues of the society give us light.
Rezauddin Stalin is now the  international voice of Bengali  poetry.