Poems by Rajumoni Saikia

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Rajumoni Saikia is a multilingual poet of Assam (India). He writes in Assamese, English, Bangla and Hindi languages. Rajumoni has attended several literary festival and poetry meet organised at the National and International levels. He has been honored with different awards such as: Noble Star for Literature 2018, World Peace Icon 2019. Indology 2019, World Icon of Literature 2019, Atmobiswas Award, Sahitya Piyus, world great personality award 2020, World English  Writers Union International (Indian catagory)Literature Award 2019, Morigaon Jila Sahitya Sabha ‘Prerona award’ for literature , NEBCUS media award, Listed his name in World Directory of Literature, Rahim karim korimove award from kirgistan etc. He is an author of 25 books.

The sigh has been impoverished

@Rajumoni Saikia

The sigh has been very impoverished. Otherwise it wouldn’t have ever annoyed the person like me!

The evening sun has left the afternoon snapping.
Darkness prevailed at night has been scattered in all directions.

The sigh has been very impoverished.
Otherwise it would not have passed the night with me!!

Let’s Spread Humanity

@Rajumoni Saikia

Let’s spread humanity
Let’s become a global citizen to create unity.

Let me make the world small, My planet should be smaller than the chest. Let us just widen the human mind. Let the message of humanity and harmony spread.

I think of people .
People are my favourite subject.
People are the existence of my love.

I know,  we live on this planet with love, with faith, courage and sacrifice. With the help of unity let  build the minds of the people beautiful all over this world.

If anyone wants to climb Everest holding my hand I will take him with a smile.

If I’m never of yours
Why would you be mine?
I want to be a human being to understand this for a lifetime for the people.

This World is not  Yours Alone

@Rajumoni Saikia Assam India

Don’t play a  game of war.

People don’t die in war

Humanity dies there

This world is not  yours alone!

If the last person dies, who would fly the bird for peace?