Poems by Kim, Pil-Young

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Μετάφραση: Byeong Cheol Kang 

Kim, Pil-Young is a Korean poet and critic. Born in Seoul of South Korea in 1954. He published more than 6 books. He won 4 Literature awards.
He is former Secretary General of Korea Modern Poets Association, former President of Korea Poets Literature Writers Association, President of Sisanmak Writers Association.


By Kim, Pil-Young

Incorruptible spring water pooled in hearts
Hotter than any heart and clearer than the dew
A jewel that cannot be received without the truth

God gave beautiful eyes,
So that could see dazzling love
When couldn’t control delight,
Made drown in a lake
When couldn’t look at sadness,
Made the river flow

가슴 속에 고여 있던
부패되지 않는 샘물
심장보다 뜨겁고 이슬보다 맑아
진실이 아니고서는 받아낼 수 없는 보석

눈부신 사랑을 확인할 수 있도록
고운 눈동자를 주신 신께서는

기쁨을 주체할 수 없을 때
호수에 잠기게 하시더니
슬픔을 바라볼 수 없을 때
강물이 흐르게 하시더이다.

Read the Winter of the Han River

By Kim, Pil-Young

Ice is the bone of water
If you close your heart, then, will be only bones remain?
Sitting next to you who is frozen, and become the winter wind
Half-open face, gray sky in the eyes
In order not to let go of the Muloragi in the West Sea
Even though seemed calm on the outside, sweeping chest
Even though she seemed calm on the outside, she was sweeping her chest.

Jamsillaru Which is counting the silence walk up and down restlessly
Swallowing the thorn-like sewage from the apartment
At Yeouinaru, where only the depths are deep
Who are you waiting for until the sun goes down?
Was it that you couldn’t forget the way back?
Gazing at the bone-covered waterway
Holding onto an empty cruise ship with stiffening body
Yeouido where empty words have hardened, passes through the concrete forest
Your shoulders Which are shave bones and shake
Wishing to wrap you up tight until spring comes
Black-blue water scales in the wind, ascending towards the Heukruongso*

Heukruongso* is an Origin of the Han River

겨울 한강을 읽다


얼음은 물의 뼈다
마음을 닫으면 저렇게 뼈만 남는 것인가
얼어붙은 그대를 옆자리에 앉히고 겨울바람이 된다
반쯤 열린 얼굴, 눈망울에 고인 잿빛 하늘
서해에서 감는 물오라기를 놓지 않으려고
겉으론 태연해도 가슴을 쓸어내리고 있었구나
고요를 세며 서성거리는 잠실나루
아파트에서 버린 가시 같은 오수를 삼키고
수심만 깊어진 여의나루에서
해가 저물도록 누구를 기다렸단 말이냐
돌아가야 할 길을 잊을 수 없었던 것이더냐
뼈로 덮인 뱃길을 바라보며
굳어가는 몸으로 빈 유람선을 붙들고 있구나
빈말들이 굳어버린 여의도, 콘크리트 숲을 스치운다
뼈를 깎아내며 흐느적이는 그대의 어깨를
봄이 올 때까지 꼬옥 감싸주고 싶다
칼바람에 검푸른 물비늘, 흑룡소*를 향해 거슬러 오른다.

*흑룡소: 한강의 발원지