Poems by Niloy Rafiq

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Niloy Rafiq
Father: Mohammad Hossain
Mother: Noorjahan
Birth Place: Kalarmarchara, Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
Date of Birth: 6th August, 1983

The Number of published poetry (Number-7) :
1. Bishoddha Bishadey Bhashi Aami Raajhnash (I am the swan floating in the pure air)-2014
2. Pipasar Paramayu (Eternity of thirst)-2016
3. Nona Manusher Mukh (Salty human face)-2017
4. Aggato Agun (Unknown fire)-2019
5. Ankhi Anka Aadinath (Aadinath in eyes)-2021
6. Momer Prarthonay Noto Matir Shorir (Earthen body bended, worshipping candel)-2023
7. Sun Leaf (Rud Pata)-2023


Niloy Rafiq

In Greece complaint against a scholar
Resounds to the court of law, staining character
To a storm of light, and to the sun island.
The jury is silent but the Judgment is God’s vote.

Guilty in a farce trial, with punishment based on a question?
By my truth, why should I take this scandal of lies?
In exchange for payment, there’s a feast by the host.
Shamelessly, the execution order is simple.

Pains in these ribs give the appropriate currency;
Great tides riding chariot but disallowing bail.
Socrates is in the dark for a cup of poison.
At the end of meditation, history cries
In the silent letters with a horrible pain.

Translated by Laura Grevel, America

Violation of Chastity

Niloy Rafiq

Cyclone’s rampage is a flame in cloud’s body
Blows away the tearful time, the leaf-house
A new dawn unfurls itself in front of the eyes
A dream flicked night on my palm, inrain water.
Craziness in craftsman, root in poverty
Sweet beetle leaf, saltlake, forbidden window
Terrible daily routines on People’s faces
The starving forest burns in the aridity of bowls.

The bosom of alluvial soil bursts in secret cry
Life’s clock searches for the shore in opposite tide
The light of meditation and deep mist and mystery
Save life in villages and towns who are starving
Will return to history, the edges of women’s dress
Will violate the chastity unveiling in a haste.

Translated by Kamrul Hassan


The wretched palace of Greek civilization
Inside it mass festival, wrestling
At long last Sultan, the emperor, collapses
A disciple of Jabbar
In the open field of Laldighi.

In the sunlit spell of Boishakh a dense mass gathered
The fragrance of blazing flowers all around
The rehearsal of wrestler Didar’ sthrilling win
Our sparkling episode on the temple of time.

*Bolikhela – a kind of wrestling popular in Chittagong region of Bangladesh.
Laldighi – an open square in Chittagong city.
Jabbar – a famous wrestler of the past whose name is embarked in an event.
Boishakh – the first month of Bangla Calendar
Didar – a famous wrestler

Translated by Kamrul Hassan