Poems by Munavvar Boltayeva

Munavvar Boltayeva, Surkhandarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Boltayeva Munavvar is 26 years old. Surkhandarya, Republic of Uzbekistan. His poems have been published in 5 poetry books, 7 international anthologies, America, Argentina, Egypt, Ecuador, Bulgaria, India, China, Great Britain, Indonesia, Colombia, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey, Korea, Singapore. International level volunteer. Participant of more than 90 International Conferences. Ambassador of more than 50 international level. “Poética Universal Filial Uzbekistan” Vice President. Winner of the “WIO GLOBAL WOMEN AWARD 2023” award. Ambassador of Wio Global Women Award Academy in Uzbekistan. Mighty Pens Award 2023 winner.

My father’s house…

The girl used to say that she was a stone.
I was thrown like a stone to distant lands.
I got a living, I was happy,
This world is rich in many secrets.

Tears came to the eyes of the father as he walked around the house.
I feel like a stranger here.
Childhood passed in the blink of an eye,
I am like a madman in the ethereal world.

Time passes, days pass, everything passes,
Joys are fleeting, sorrows are fleeting. The most beautiful period of my life is childhood, –
People add years to years, people grow old.

But I remember my father’s house,
Perfect moments, sweet moments.
That memory of playing and laughing
Wow, it will remove the sorrows from the heart.

Father invites me to my house, love, If I kiss and caress the threshold of my house… All traces of my childhood,
If I remember, then I will cry again…

Today we have grown up, and our dreams have also grown up.
We are leaving the father’s house one by one.
Sister, brother, brother, sister, lived together. This house –
Have we come to appreciate it over time?

Today we all scattered in different directions.
We are distracted by the worries of life.
If we go, now we are only guests,
Now wait for us, my father’s house!

Munavvar Boltayeva: Mom…

If my head bows near the enemies. 
they took away my rights. 
I am left alone,
I am speechless…
Don’t cry just looking at me, mother…

One day will come,
I believe it will be a bright day. Everyone respects me and loves me.
Then I will be your proud child. Don’t cry just looking at me mom…

Well, whatever we say,
I’m your unlucky daughter.
You call me a flower, you call me a moon face, but I am not like that.
I look beautiful only in your eyes.
Just don’t hide from me and cry, mom…

Munavvar Boltayeva Country Uzbekistan: Mother…

She didn’t know. When will the happy day come?
MOTHER, don’t see my suffering.
I wish there was shame in suffering…
MOTHER, don’t see my suffering…

Seeing my helplessness, he praises the desert.
Praise the blind for seeing my disease.
My two legs, my two hands hurt my soul,
MOTHER, don’t see my suffering…

You wished me happiness… where is that HAPPINESS?
You wished me a throne… where is that THRONE?
Mother, you wished me health… where is that?
MOTHER, don’t see my suffering…

Today’s partner is an endless regret my.
One of my friends didn’t even feel sorry for me.
Is my sin equal to a star in the sky?
MOTHER, don’t see my suffering…
Munavvar Boltayeva Uzbekistan

MY LOVE… by Munavvar Boltayeva – Uzbekistan

Another beautiful spring, again these roads,
These rains, it’s raining slowly.
Happy with the rain, some hearts are bloody and my tongue is still sick.

What can I do, I lost it today,
I lost it but today I couldn’t find it. 
I am looking for him on the roads
I walk, waiting for him to come, even if it is day and night.

I don’t have to cry anymore,
It’s okay, I don’t have to suffer anymore,
It’s okay now, I say, listen to my words, even if it’s late,
Don’t leave me alone my love.

Even if separation is our way,
We can’t help it, believe me,
We will be happy,
My love, don’t leave me alone.

You are the only one in my life,
You are my shining star in my sky,
You are my star every evening, every night,
You are my only love, don’t leave me.

Even if this beautiful spring is gone,
Don’t go, don’t go away from me.
I don’t care about this life without you,
Why is my heart crying without you?