Poems by Melita Ratković

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Platonic love

I meant us, one
a passing glance, a long one
full of desire for the passionate
kisses, touches, tenderness. It’s a thin thread
between worlds, incredibly strong
at the same time, it is remembered forever. Put it together and take it apart, change your life, it’s nothing more also. Endlessly in love
souls have always known about each other.
They live for moments of reunion
even for a moment. They pass in that premonition earth days, the more distant it is
it gets stronger, my “platonic love”.
God, when it touches, it’s loved.

©️ ®Melita Ratković Copyright protected Melita Ratković

My higher self

Please remind me that I am
a particle of the mighty universe.
who i am, where i come from
what I’m coming back to.

Get me back on track when
I turn, I go down the street.
Remind me that I am weak in anger,
don’t let my arrogance

hurt, cause harm, caused
the dark side of the Self, yes
correct the damage done to myself and others,

heal painful energy scars,
in moments of absence of recklessness.
To learn that the cause produced

a consequence, a lesson to be learned.
A war of light and darkness, created within
my energy being, heart, all blocks

imposed in moments of carelessness. Consciously
I send to the powerful universe for purification.
I am asking him to bless, to heal, to convey the truth
Divine essences, illuminate with light, reason.

Everything that is happening right now, all mental
waste is the price we pay collectively
unconscious plan, causing confusion,
disorder and wars. Let there be peace.


©️ Melita Mely Ratković – All rights reserved to the owner Melita Ratković

I will sing about love

I will sing about love, with a song
infect the whole planet. A song
is a powerful weapon, indispensable.
I will be persistent and loud, I will use it

the miraculous power of notes, while not
a smile comes to life on the face and
goodness. By the ingenuity of the composition
I will melt the ice around your heart, terrible one

load to melt. You will sing with me
in chorus, your sighs of sorrow, become
will love, and the contempt you feel,
a gentle smile. I’ll be watching you

you change, tune the strings of the violin
into a harmonious love melody. Forget it
you will go to the indifference and anger that poisons you.
From your first note, I will create an orchestra.

©️ Melita Ratković