Poems by James Tian

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

As Oneself, But No Self by James Tian

Passing by like a cloud,
Better than missing by someone,
Not poor but poor,
Not rich but rich.

Disappear like a wind,
Better than dreaming by some hearts,
Has dirt but no dirt,
Has grace but no grace.

Piece is a piece,
Game is a game.
Without explanation,
Or words to describe a description,
Suffered as a cow,
It’s the only cheese.

Flowing and flowing,
Scream and scream.
Time’s a wider guest,
To mean yourself a good slave.

James Tian

Assassin by James Tian

There’s an assassin of freedom,
In this space,
You can’t see it,
I can’t see either,
But our feeling won’t tell the lie.

There’s an assassin of kindness,
In this dream,
You can’t admit it,
I can’t admit either,
But we can feel the most,
Every frozen night.

It’s invisible and traceless,
But the most terrifying,
And often lead to,
The unfounded wildfires.
It’s silent and colorless,
But the most powerful,
To see the homeless people,
Their shouts and teardrops,
It’s the poisonous tie!

Assassin! Assassin! Assassin!
The Tragedy we embrace tight.
Assassin! Assassin! Assassin!
The trouble we should satirize.

Assassin! Assassin! Assassin!
Its name seems to be not so light.
Assassin! Assassin! Assassin!
When you break your conscience,
You can see its wider rights.

James Tian