Poems by James Tian

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Marry You, Marry Me By James Tian

In your eyes,
Now full of love and melody.
How perfect time that I prayed,
For future,
For we two,
For all the moments we have waited.

In my eyes,
Selected some parts of our days.
Those dreams and challenges,
So tearful,
So colorful,
Strengthened mind that we’ll cherish.

Love’s like the floating tide,
There’ll also be moments of decline like heartbeats.
But never give up hope,
Even though there may be thousands of wind and twists.

Marry you,
Marry me,
Marrying to our shared beliefs:
To keep our love in hopeful trip.
Marry you,
Marry me,
Going to use the only name,
Reason for joining a peace,
To be a family.
Life’s not a goblin,
Without doubts but harmony.

Blind Followers By James Tian

The midnight pursuer,
Yearning for moonlight.
Like a free soul,
That gentle light.

Ignoring those stars,
Are also a part of night.
They’re very unhappy,
For accusing this neglect,
This moment,
Singing in the sky.

The spiritual pursuer,
Longing for beautiful stories.
Abandoned all sad thoughts,
And preserve the ideal things only.

Ignoring the rational attitude,
It’s very unhappy.
Using all means to call out to this world,
Please wake up quickly.

Behind any shadows,
There’ll be loyal followers.
Just hope they’re not blind,
But really have their own judgment,
And courage,
And real thinkings of future.

Moving towards a better direction,
Pay all expectations forever,
We should really glad that,
We’re not blind followers.

Never yield to difficulties,
Never abandon exploration,
We’re so glad that we aren’t,
Our own fault’s prisoners.