Poems by Noura al-Laqb Zaytoun bint Abd al-Salam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Noura al-Laqb Zaytoun bint Abd al-Salam, Algeria
Professional experience as a clerk at a vocational training center. The rank is a senior management attache
Certificates Obtained: Business Law Certificate, Applied Studies Certificate
Certificate of Senior Technician Allam to First Aid.
Identity Write theater. Prose thoughts
I got the ideal personality certificate in Sudan. Honorary doctorate in Germany. Honorary degree in Egypt. Medal of Excellence in Sudan. I participated in many forums locally, nationally, and abroad. Syrian newspaper, Algerian new newspaper. The People’s Newspaper, Free Pens, The Prince of African Poets. The Iraqi Shahba Newspaper. The Northern Arab Voices Newspaper. News newspaper. Newspaper in Egypt News. The pulse of the Egyptians. The Pulse of the Arab People. The Journal of Free Writers. The Iraqi Al Furt Magazine, etc. of newspapers
Publications: A tear on the mouth of Bassem Aan Al-Lamaiya in Constantine. Also, The Living Martyr, who was printed in Cairo, writes. Also the value of the wound that will be issued soon
National Secretary in charge of heritage and memory preservation at the National Organization for Investment and Citizenship. Active in the cultural field. She held many literary evenings and trips. Interested in the historical aspect. She participated in many exhibitions.

The silence of the night
A night that comforts our beast, contains our sorrows, and hears the exhalation of our groans
Distance and absence delight in our torture. I know you hear the monologues of my weary soul
They are on the waiting balconies
Do you leave or stay in the absences of torment
And how long will the separation last, and when will the curtains drop from above the bewilderment of questions?
Do my eyes fall asleep in your arms while they are confused, or do they remain a mirage?
In the arms of the night tears flow and the soul scatters groans of pain scattering on the bottom of my feelings
Oh Lily, didn’t she whisper to you that she crossed all limits by torturing my little loving heart
Oh night, didn’t you whisper to them that my heart died of passion?
He is still beating with longing for a moment of meeting

Writer Zaytoun Noura Bint Abdel Salam, Algeria

God’s role in the sons of Adana Faayana
The tearing in the chest got louder
Faj in the heart and breath burning
Losing those who were in tenderness Agnana
So, after losing the mother, do we have a resort?
Do we have after the loss of justice balance?
Where did she make all her comfort
Where did you miserable time with our brothers?
That I was crying over the loss of a mother
Because it is piety and kindness mastery
That you cry for our loss is good
She was forever stronger by faith
If I cry how much you are on my pain
And I saw in the black nights our eyelids
She pumped silent tears from her sockets
And tears imprinted in the eyes colors
If you spent her life mourning
What really fulfilled her tenderness
God has Dora Khan time out
O candle filled with love Duniana
O loved ones, what used to leave you
If you did not meet the voice of truth Radwana
Our beloved is gone, and everyone mourns her
Will the days pass us by?
And forever told me Bgaibtha
Will it be long for desertion?
Tears will bleed until the end is over, and in the heights of eternity we will meet and meet

Writer Zaytoun Noura Bint Abdel Salam, Algeria