Poems by Harinder Cheema from India

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Harinder Cheema is an internationally celebrated , versatile poet and author . She is the only Indian to receive the “ Naji Naaman International Literary Honor Prize for Complete Work in 2022”. She has also been honoured with the Title and Award, STAR AMBASSADOR OF WORLD POETRY by Aazaad Foundation India in the Fourth International Literature Summit and World Poetry Conference 2022. She is also the proud recipient of many prestigious global awards and honours in the field of Literature.Her name finds a mention in 101 most influential women 2020 and  Glantor 100 Powerful Personalities 2022 and also in the National Book of Achievers as the, “Most Creative Author”.

Just walk on the path of truth

Your old age will thank your youth

See that nothing can deter you from the righteous path

Even though you have to bear the people’s wrath

Working hard from dawn to dawn

Just walk on.

The temptations will lure you

The monotony will bore you

Some people will leave you

But some would believe you

For God’s sake and not people’s sake

Remember you are for a purpose born

Just walk on.

The World will not understand you dear

People will laugh , making you a subject of jeer

On a hazy day with a vision clear

 Materialism will give way when you blow the spiritual horn

Just walk on.

Everything is transient, everything will be gone

The Palatial houses, the plush lawns

And one day there would be no one to mourn

 But you can spread light as the Rising  Sun

The journey itself will  become the destination 

Living eternally burying ” Death”  beneath a tombstone 

Just walk on.

And if you have committed some sins

There is still a chance to win

Afresh you have to begin 

Forever leave the Devil’s Inn

Repair the soul that is torn

Check if the switch of your conscience is  on

Just walk on.

In the beginning the path will seem forlorn

You will feel you are walking all alone

But only if you walk away from the crowd

Making your creator proud

There will be perpetual light and eternal day

Angels will greet you on the way

And as a pure soul with impurities gone

Just walk on.

The Rag picker And Me

As I was meditating one day

Eyes closed, face brightened by the Sun’s rays

I felt complete darkness inside

But then I saw a  rag picker with a torch light

He picked up all the vile thoughts from my mind

And put them in a  sack on his shoulders behind

And then I profusely wept and couldn’t stop

Supplying my tears for a detoxifying mop

Then he walked straight to the heart

After collecting all the negativity he was ready to depart

As I opened my eyes the surrounding was brightly lit

And the rag picker smiled at me before the final exit

Whenever I meditate I see the rag picker with his sack

Who cleanses my soul and goes back.

A Parrot In A Cage

I bought a parrot in a cage

Seeing the bird  in a cage, I was in a fit of rage

I took the cage aside

And then put my hand inside

I wanted to free the bird

But it got very scared

It cuddled deep inside the cage shrieking at the top of its voice

Here I was trying to free it but the parrot made such a noise

And Ah! A  thought occurred to me

That leaving worldly attachments is not easy

The cage was a prison and yet the bird bit me on the hand twice

The soul also does not want to leave the body if it has a choice

But if you trust the hand that liberates you

Then “Death” would be celebrated as a ” Birth New”

A single experience can make you a sage

The Soul is just  “A Parrot In A Cage”.